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Is Juan Mata our new "Lampard"?


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I don't see anyone being the 'next Lampard', he is/was the best attacking midfielder in European football, no one comes anywhere near his goal tally (and that includes most top strikers !!) He really isn't appreciated generally in football for that achievement ?

If Mata becomes the driving force of our midfield for the foreseeable future, making a double figure goal tally each season along the way....

He'll do for me !!


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Simple question, although he has missed a penalty which is OK, what are your opinions? Is he our new "Frank Lampard"? He isn't quite there but in the near future, I totally see his momentum kicking in!

Momentum = Mass x Velocity

So 'momentum kicking in' could mean either mass kicking in or velocity kicking in (or both, of course). And if you mean the former to imply that Mata could become fat (like Frank) then f**k off.

I'll get me coat.

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Much more similar to Zola or more recently, Gudjohnsen, than Lampard.

But I agree, he is writing his own legacy here.

Eider for me too. In terms of "cast in the same mould", arguably Ramires and John Hollins (as a player) share the same DNA
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If you mean could he be our Main man in midfield who the players look too to create something, especially in times when nothing else is working then yes probably

However, in every other way.......No. Like asking if Torres is our new Drogba

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