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Chelsea v Tottenham (PL) 24/03/12 KO 12:45 GMT

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Woke this a.m.with great excitement. No there wasnt MOI laying here with me. It was that wonderfull butterfly excitement generated by this match on saturday. I havent been for a while and i cant wait for the moment i park my car , and set foot onto the fulham rd.My daughter chelsea will be legging it to the imperial to meet pals she hasnt seen since spuds last year.She will stay in london over the weekend b4 making her way back to clacton where she lives.My boy who also lives in clacton will stay with me n have a couple in pub yet to be sorted by others. We will win 2 1 and ill make my way back to westcliff on sea and get all excited about spurs in the semi..Ill have to get up very early for that one as ill plot up outside wembley to purchase a spare...Ahhhhh wonderfull dayz.

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Must win game now. SPurs are sh*te in recent weeks and I feel we've been papering over the cracks since RObbie took charge. If we start with a lightweight midfield again, we will struggle. Players like Merieles must not be in the starting line up. Ramires should play in the centre, not wasted out wide.

I'm not sure who else should play really. Lampard was poor against City, but is still probably one of our best midfielders. Mikel is poor. Essien is nowhere near his best. ROmeu seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth...

If it were up to me, it would be:


Bertrand - Thought Cole was quite poor against City

Terry - If available, otherwise Cahill


Ivan - If available, otherwise Bosingwa

Romeu - Battler

Lampard - Creator

Ramires - Engine




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got to win or no CL next season...probably, although not a certainty up until the Emirates away on Apr 21st (4 games to go by that point)

Sturridge & Drogba got to start, pleasae no Meireles and Torres both back to the bench.

Fingers crossed on Ivan & JT being fit, if Bossy faces Bale not good.

This is a great time to play Spuds at the Bridge. Need that spirit back we saw vs Napoli please.

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Rambo making driving runs from deep, like Yaya yesterday. That sucks defenders out of position to stop the ball, and should leave some space for a teammate to operate. Torres and Mata switching freely so the right side of Spuds' defense never quite knows exactly who's marking who.

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if Bosingwa plays we lose simple as!

we really need a new back up right back, but it seems Hutch has disapeared again, is he injured??

for what it's worth I'd go


Ivan Cahill JT Bertrand

Mikel Rambo


Studge Drogba Torres

I've forgiven Rambo his bad performance against City, he was out of position!

If Ivan is out, I'd rather have Paulo in at right back even with his lack of game time. I would be willing to bet that a very high percentage of goals conceded this season have been down to Bosingwa when he has been playing, he really is the worst player at the club. And yes I include Merieles, Malouda etc in that equation!

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We have to show more ambitions in this game, which we clearly didnt do against City. I believe it was a deliberate plan by RDM to park the bus and try to sneak a point against City. It worked for about 70 minutes then back fired because we lost the midfield battles completely. This time around, we have to play all our attacking players ( at some stage). I would like to see a line up similar to:


Luiz Cahill JT Cole

Mikel Ramires

Sturridge Mata Torres


If Ivanoic is fit, he will start and Luiz goes to the middle. Lampard will play his parts in the match, but I won't start him.

I'm quite confident about this one, just have to watch out for the usual Bale, Saha..

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If I were RDM the one thing I'd concentrate on is set pieces, it's their main area of weakness. At any opportunity we need to get balls in the box.

For some strange reason I think we should go with Luiz and Terry. I really fancy Luiz for this one and think he could be pivotal in stopping Adebayor and Saha.

Ramires has to play in the middle as well. I'd go with a midfield of Essien, Ramires and Mikel. Not sure Lampard should be playing three games of such intensity in a week.

Mata, Drogba and Sturridge up top. Sturridge absolutely anhilated Assoue Ekotto at WHL and can do so again.

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