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El Clasico this Saturday


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In the past always a fixture I looked forward to but of late the gamesmanship and diving etc has killed off any enjoyment.

Having been to Barcelona many times the rivalry is massive, I have no doubt they would view Saturday's game with Madrid as the bigger game, despite what Guardiola says no-one is telling me he thinks they don't have a chance being 4 points behind and a better Head-to-Head record still having to play Madrid at home which they usually win.

Ordinarily I'd be inclined to root for Madrid and Jose but I actually hope Barca win but not by too much. If Barca win they will be 1 point behind will still something else to play for. If they don't win then in truth CL is all they've got and they will put everything in to try and win it.

Would be nice for Jose to come out and play some mind games after the match.

Either way I'm looking forward to it and wouldn't be disappointed to see Messi or Xavi in particular pick up injuries.

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I hope Barca give them a hiding, if we get past Barca and Real turn the Bayern result around, I want them to know we beat the team that just beat them, that would do wonders for our lots confidence and put a nice dent in theirs.

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Will be watching this with great interest for the first time in a while, it's encouraging to know that both us and Barca have a huge game on Saturday, we'll see what tactics Jose deploys knowing the sterling job we did on them last night. And it's a minuscule advantage but we have a good 6 hours more rest than them ahead of Tuesday.

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Wednesday we showed how you have to play against Barca.

Mourinho knows it. But his players, his club and his fans don't really want him to play that way. Odd situation for him to be in.

Not accustomed to disagreeing with you so much, wxwax....it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Mourinho doesn't know it. It's backfired every single time he's tried to "shut-up shop" against Barcelona; Madrid mentally crumble. They, along with Valencia and Bilbao, are among the teams that have traded blows with Barcelona but the common factor in all three sides is that they completely crumble whenever Barcelona jag the lead. Madrid's players want to match Barcelona on their own terms, but Mourinho wants them to play negatively. It makes no sense to me.

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Phillip you can check it out on ESPN3.com. You might not be able to get that if you dont have cable, but I would dare say any sports bar is gonna be showing it via the web. (They are in Arlington, anyway)

Anyway, I think this will look very familiar by FT.

Real Madrid get a bright start, go up a goal early.

Barca slowly work into the game, maybe using theatrics.

Barca get a goal before half, possibly via a crazy bounce or fluke.

Barca dominate the second half, add a couple of goals.

Real get frustrated at not being able to wrest the game back.

Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, and Pepe try to break legs out of frustration and who can be MAdrid's biggest prick.

One of Mascherano, Busquets, Alves, or Puyol to embarrass the sport with cartoonish playacting.

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An interesting piece by Eidur on Messi and Ronaldo:


If I had to pick one of the 2, I'd have to pick Ronaldo I think. Messi was born with a lot of natural ability (which obviously he has worked on a hell of a lot), but when you consider Ronaldo when he first came to England - pacey, tricky, maybe lacking an end product. His rise since then has been remarkable. He really must have put in a ridicluous amount of training and effort to improve so much in the last 4/5 years. And as much as I dislike him, you've got to respect that.

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