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What will we win at the end of the season?

Blue Boy

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For me i reackon the FA cup is ours. If we knockout Barca in the Champions League, we have got a great chance of beating Bayern or Madrid. Lastly, if we do win something or get in the top 4 RDM should become the full time manager.

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I would not reckon that as yet, as Liverpool has only that to play for, and should and will be resting all of their players for the FA Cup final, which will give them a bit of an advantage over our tired players. If we get by Barca, which is a BIG IF, I don't see us waltzing on to a CL final victory, because both Real and Bayern are very, very good.

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Is anybody else thoroughly enjoying this time of season and the tough games? Our players seem to as we have seen time and time again.

First we win Spuds 5-1 in the cup to reach the final, then against all the odds we beat Barca home and then manage to get a clean sheet at Emirates.

Now we have a genuine chance to drop Barca and reach CL final. You wouldn't have though that at the time AVB was sacked.

I don't say winning Europa league isn't exciting but this is the sh*t. As we might play in the EL next season. Hope the lads are "all in" in these last games and enjoy some of the best games you can ever imagine playing. We should too!

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How to set yourself up for a knockdown..

But you never know...

Cannot see 3rd spot but 4th is possible winning all our games which will not be easy..

The arse should win their last 3 games.

Newcastle hopefully come unstuck against us and city.

That just leaves the spuds to continue their form or lack of. :)

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