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Excuses excuses

Davey Baby

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The home fans need to get behind the team .


I cant see a priest on a hill of sugar


The owner needs to back me or sack me.





Nothing he says at this point could bring my opinion of him or the club hierarchy any lower. This current situation is so beyond farce that the daily developments or game-by-game results barely register any more. Whatever he says it will just be met by more silence from a club trapped in a bad situation by its own incredible stupidity. 

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"Im a fat c**t, who knows nothing about management and should leave Chelsea FC with immediate effect, not that I should have been here anyways, no? I should bring Torres with me too no? He's fat and useless like me too no? Roman has 8.4 Billion no? Surely he could find someone better than me, no?"


Thats what he should say. They do say honesty is the best policy..


What that FSW does say, will undoubtedly be absolute bollix...No?

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Would be great if the FSW came out and said................... " I'm doing my best. Don't just blame me, blame that Russian twat that hired me as well. Not many people know less about football than I do but he is definately one of them"

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