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MOTM vs Arsenal


Who was your MOTM vs Arsenal?  

68 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your MOTM vs Arsenal?

    • Cech
    • A Cole
    • Terry
    • Alex
    • Bosingwa
    • Mikel
    • Lampard
    • Essien
    • Drogba
    • Anelka
    • Malouda
    • Ivanovic

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Pete the Fantastic (that won't pick up, will it ?).

Which would be surprising to anyone who hasn't watched the game, really. We were not as good as the result suggests and neither were Arsenal as poor .

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jt was near flawless, and alex solid.

will go for cech, while no one played badly, there weren't that many great performances. lampard was good, mikel and malouda were alright... strange game.

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Cech. Malouda played pretty well, but there were definitely flashes of his former form, dribbling into the opposition, outrunning the ball, etc. I thought the JT and Alex partnership looked a little shaky at times when there were some holes exploited. But I might be being a bit too critical, 4-1!

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I must have seen it different to many others because I felt Malouda was back to his former-self for most of the game. I guess the fact he manged to put in that riccochet off of the post accounted for some of his votes. He was terribly at fault for their goal. Watch it again, look at where he was and how little he did to either:

1) close the man down

2) stop the cross coming over.

He was just standing there watching Cashley.

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Really a very close run thing for me. I continue to be hugely impressd by Anelka, real brains, great finnesse. Cech has taken the criticsm and shoved it up the presses' collective ar**s, and Malouda was my pick today. If he had started the season the way he is finishing, he might have had a shout for our player of the season. ::ChElSeaFLag::

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Ashley Cole for me, although I don't think anybody had a great game I think after the first twenty minutes he had sussed Walcott and his pleasure at our goals must have really given it to the Gooner fans...for that he must get the edge.

Two dissapointed teams both trying to put the events of the last week behind them, I'm sure we all feel better then the fans who left twenty minutes early.

Funny thing, I know a lot of Arsenal fans and mostly they are good mates but the loss to Barca pleased them so much that todays result actually felt like the team gave my answers for me.

And I know they still love Ashley really :D

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