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MOTM vs Bolton (Prem)


Who was your MOTM against Bolton?  

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  1. 1. Who was your MOTM against Bolton?

    • Cech
    • Ferreira
    • Terry
    • Carvalho
    • Ivanovic
    • Essien
    • Ballack
    • Lampard
    • Drogba
    • Deco
    • Anelka
    • 0

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It was between Anelka and Ivanovic for me right up to Ivan's goal which tipped the balance for me.

Can it possibly be wrong to take every chance available to laugh at Liverpool? I didn't think so so I will do it here as well.

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total football. Ivan looked great, and really close to having 2 goals! Essien and Lampard looked great too. Brilliant cross from Percy too, but he was a little off

Just heard that they've credited Ivan's goal as an OG, so it's not gone to Ivan!!!! That would have been his first Premiership goal too, and they've taken it from him.

Not to worry, he'll get my MOTM vote

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Didn't watch the match but 17 goals scored and 0 conceded in 4 games is impressive. Just a couple of questions

What was the best goal of the game?

Was it a penalty kick?

The 4th - Drogba's. Goal of the Season, easily. The ball never touched the ground from Anelka's cross, to Deco's chest, to Lampard's back heel over the defender to Drogba's volley into the bottom corner. World Class.

Yes, definite penalty, Samuel took DD's legs away when Drogs was 1-on-1. Definite red card too.


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Ivan-the-next-door-neighbour ( he is from Serbia, you see). A lot of players played well today, which is always a good sign. Drogba was his usual self, Deco looked lively second half, Cech was reliable, Anelka was everywhere. A good week to be a Chelsea fan, no doubt.

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Ivan the Terrible

There were alot of great performances today, including Anelka, Riccy C and Frank, but Ivanovic just seemed to be everywhere. Every set piece he was in the mix, every attack he was slashing forward from RB, and he made a few great last ditch plays.

Shame his goal was taken away, but that was a marvelous performance from him. If he keeps that kind of form up, Bosingwa will be on the bench for a long long while.

It still blows my mind that this kid was hardly used until Hiddink's tenure. And to think we bought him with so much promise, and nearly lost him for lack of playing time (if rumors were to be believed)

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Player of the Year is rapidly turning into a two horse race for me. One week I vote Drogba. One week Essien.

JT picks up the odd vote, generally for his for his consistency and leadership, whilst those around are rotated. But yeah, no contest IMO, Essien and Drogba have been head and shoulders our main men.

Drogba got it today. Even Alan Shearer, (who, be fair, was a half decent forward himself), said he was awesome.

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at the moment didier is our best player of the season by far...just keeping my fingers crossed he doesn't get injured and that we don't miss him too much in jan...as for today's match gave mom to ivan...top performance and unlucky not to get a goal

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Ivanovic was awesome. Great game also by Nico, Deco, Drog and Lamps too. The last goal summed up the quality we have in the team.

Had to give it to Ivan as well. He has lost that hurry with the ball and looks like the player he was bought for, very relaxed. He truly is competing head to head with Vidic as the best defending Serb in the league. His heading is also a true weapon in cornerkicks.

Has to say our team is brilliant at the moment. We trashed bolton with our second string and with our first. Without their goalie it could have been lot more yesterday..

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