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What TV Show Are You Waarching?


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Yeah Fargo season 2 is a completely different storyline that is based sort of in the same area/timeline but is completely stand alone from season 1. Though I do have a feeling season 3 will see both storylines clash at some point.

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8 hours ago, Zola said:

Only getting round to watching 'The Night of' now, what a show. 

I have the season finale tonight, great TV...hope it doesnt drag on too long as it could be a classic


Been hearing a lot about this show. Just got more curious because of this.

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43 minutes ago, dkw said:



Yep. FX canned it after season 4 a couple of years ago. 


I read somewhere  Mini Loz  Wood has his basement set up like the one on the set complete with a huge stuffed dog and a gatorade bottle bong.

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