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  1. I read an article about this deal today and I didnt realize that Aston Villa have also signed Bertrand Traore. I think it'll be interesting to see how he does in the premier league. I remember being pretty excited about him when he spent that preseason with us.
  2. It was a joy to be reminded of how superior lampard is to gerrard. Playing career and now as a manager. 😆
  3. this was my first time watching havertz not in a youtube video. I'm not judging off one performance but I didnt think he was that great.
  4. I just stumbled across something on the internet about Ricardo Quaresma and remembered how he had a brief stint with us and it seems so bizarre that it ever happened. What are other strange player moves that you think of in our history?
  5. Is there any hope that he could be a solution at CB? Every time I've watched him, he seems very vocal and quick to direct teammates. I feel like we could use this in the back.
  6. Does anyone see him moving into a CB spot as he gets older? It'd be nice to see the younger legs of Reece James take RB and have the experience and leadership of Azpi at CB
  7. Oh my head, this is the best thing i've read today. I had the "1999 MLS Year in review" movie when i was young and watched it probably a couple hundred times.
  8. It'd be crazy not to trigger the buyback clause.
  9. Where is he at? Anyone keeping tabs on him?
  10. anyone have a link to the england game?
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