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top 5 exciting transfers


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me and a mate were talking about the top transfers made by our clubs (mine being chelsea obviously, his being citeh). then we got to talking about which transfers were the most exciting. and i came up with these 5.

1 - Marcel Desailly. i was made up when we signed him.

2 - franco, obviously.

3 - ruudy.

4 - sparky

5 - mark stein. strange one i know, but i remember watching him play for stoke and give us a real hard time. was happy when we signed him.

anyone else wanna give it a go.

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Exciting when they signed?

Ruud Gullit, Marcel Desailly, Albert Ferrer, Gianluca Vialli, Hernan Crespo.

Sparky? Didn't many hate his guts when he signed?

And about Franco, I'm sorry but many of you probably didn't know much about him when he signed for us. If you're talking about what they did after they signed then there's no faulting the choices of course.

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i remember watching franco on channel 4 when he partnered asprilla, and couldnt wait to see him in chelsea blue. most chelsea fans were pleased about sparky as hed stated he was a chelsea fan as a boy.

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1 Michael Ballack - I thought we were getting a player who could run a midfield!

2 Shevchecko - come on who wasn't excited about this one?

3 Ruud Gullit - is he really coming?

4 Seba Veron - we could show ManUre and Slur Alex just what thie player could do in the EPL!

5 Robert Fleck - he always scored great goals against us!

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1 - Ruud. No Chelsea signing comes close. Chelsea ? Gullit ? Nah....

2 - Shev. He was i the player i wanted from the start of the 'Roman Revolution'

3 - Sutton. I thought he was the final piece for that team. He never stood a chance.

4 - Fleck. Enough said. Still scored more goals at SB for Norwich than he did for Chelsea.

5 - Zola. He's meant to be good this little bloke eh ?

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Tough to do this as you need to try and eliminate hindsight! However first choice is easy and is a sentiment I have expressed on here before.

1. Ruud! When Ruud signed you just felt we were on the brink of something truly special. That was the first time I have ever felt we had got a player who I truly thought was totally and utterly beyond us.

2. Marcel - Marcel could have signed for us at 50 and I would have been excited about it! It wasn't just the stature of his name oin world football that made it an exciting signing, it was the simple fact that we were going to get the pleasure of seeing a player of this quality in a blue shirt. Some of you may remember posts I have made in the past where I point out that I am just as impressed by quality defending as I am by a Franco or a Best or a Steve Guppy (in fact I would go as far as say I am more impressed by top quality defending) - hence why the Desailly signing excited me so.

3. Di Matteo - At the time we signed Robbie I truly thought we were signing the most technically complete midfielder in the Italian side at the time. Maybe that was not 100% the case but he wasn't far off it - again a player I thought would never choose us. This excited me more than Franco

4. Franco - contrary to Enrico's belief many of us would have seen a lot of Franco as Italian football was on British TV every week. He was quite well publicised on the Channel 4 show because of his set piece ability.

5. Laudrup - Having watched Laudrup for a while at Rangers I really believed he was going to terrorise defenders in a Chelsea shirt - I was really disappointed when it didn't pan out

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Ruud by a country mile.

Wise and Townsend - signing the pair of them in the same summer was massive.


Zola - I'd seen him play twice before and thought he was pure gold.

Fleck - like so many others.

Just for the record I told a number of people that Sheva would be the worst premiership signing of all time, lets hope once he's settled in he proves me wrong!

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I'm going to go back in time for some of mine:

1) The re-signing of Charlie Cooke

2) David Hay

3) Steve Kember

4) Ruud Gullit

5) Sparky

I'd seen Franco a couple of times before he joined us but must have caught him on the only two off days he ever had!!

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Not in any order:

I remember I was well pleased when Charlie Cooke came back to the Bridge.

And when we signed Roberto Di Matteo, Franco Zola and Luca Vialli all within a short space of time, I went out and bought an Italy Euro '96 shirt. So that's 2 - 4

And the fifth? Probably Ruud Gullit because I think his signing, more than any other, signified an end to the long, barren years.

Reminds me, I've still got the Umbro International trophy here on VHS. From the back cover:

This is Chelsea's first real test under Gullit's direction. With raw talent on show, Gullit's Blues prove themselves against the cream of domestic and European competition.

There's more, but I want to pretend I don't know who won icon_wink.gif I think I might watch it this week sometime!

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I have to confess that I know very little of our past transfers.

My #1 is Makelele. Simply because I always loved him. And seing him come here was amazing.

Then of course we have Crespo, Ballack & Sheva. The last two I thought would bring some well needed experience and skill that would give us the Champions League. Well, they did help a bit. icon_rolleyes.gif

I have to mention Robben. I knew very little of him when we signed him. I only knew that he was a young, very talented player that could have a very bright future. Then I saw him at the Euro 2004 (I think it was) and when I saw him play there I thought that we had signed someone special.

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Number 1 most exciting, make me tingle long-time signing was Ruud - for all the reasons above and because I loved the Milan team with him, Rijkard and Van Basten, Maldini and Baresi at the back, jumpers for goalposts, cold showers and no towels........

The rest, in no particular order that made me most happy/excited

Luca - great striker and lovely man

Franco - I had seen a lot of him on television and loved the man already (but not in a Moos way), and was gutted when he got sent off just after coming on in some World Cup match or other

Casirahgi (Check Speeling) - Another top top top player - great shame he never lasted long

Marcel - Champion of the world, stupendous giant of s defender and a very very nice man


Oh and if I could have another it would be Sparky or Little Dennis

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Okay, who listed Sutton!!! icon_eek.gif

I did.

I was thrilled when we signed Chris Sutton. He was just what that team needed.

Yes, his form was poor, but the bloke never stood a chance at Chelsea. The most pointless football signing of all time. Playing Sutton with the tactics we incorparated that season was pretty much the equivalent of playing John Spencer as a central defender.

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For me in this order just remember them so well.

Gullit ... still tingling now... and still gasp at the things he could do on the pitch.. I still have not seen a player make the game look so easy he seemed to take 3 or 4 strides and cover the whole pitch.





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i was pretty excited about sutton too. was on holiday and there was a bloke on the same holiday who was a chelsea fan. woke up one morning to seeo nt the news channel at the hotel that we had signed sutton and thats all we talked about for about 3 days. girlfriends werent too happy mind.

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Have to go with Loz and a couple others here and say I was excited about Laudrup too, especially having seen him up at the Gers so much. Also then rates as one of the biggets dissapointments for me as a palyer

Also have to admitt that I didn't know too much of Zola before we got him, couple times maybe seen him on C4

So for me

Vialli (loved him at Juve and couldn't wait for him at Chelsea)

Desailly (knew we were getting a top defender, and thought he and beefy would be "pretty good")

Deschamps (thought he would fit in really nicely

Gullit (even had posters with him at other clubs)

Guddy (looked pretty promising)

I know that a lot of these are recent ones, but that is really all my memory allows me to go back to. I remeber watching Chelsea in the 93-94 season, but never really kept up with the commings and goings (living so far away) just liked seeing the team when they started. Another outsider has to be Joe Cole, so much talent and flair, adn we did pretty well with our last export from Wast Spam


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