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Who do we really hate the most?


Who do we hate the most as Chelsea fans?  

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  1. 1. Who do you hate the most?

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I don't want this to turn into a nasty b*tch session, because there's enough of that, but just wanted to see who we as Chelsea fans really hate the most. We've got our local rivalries, our title rivalries, and our rivalries forged in Europe, but who do we hate the most? Who do we enjoy beating the most?

You may explain why, but keep it clean lads.

I'll start by saying Spurs. Hate their fans. Cocky, noisy, and always in your face after the slightest upturn in their fortunes, or downturn in ours...

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Well bit different for me as I'm in Australia. Only met the odd spurs fan around so never really been a big issue.

Few years ago I would've said arsenal but lately that intensity isn't really there so I'd have to go with Liverpool for my most hated. Just sh*tloads of supporters around and the majority have no clue and simply spout the club line over and over (history,champs league, Suarez was set up by the FA etc.)

Also the second they do something half decent they all crawl out of the woodwork, probably doesn't help that I'm the main Chelsea supporter they all know, do lately I've had to put up with alot of "banter" as well

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I was thinking an interesting topic along the same lines would be to rank the other 19 EPL teams in terms of how much you dislike them to how little they bother you.

Anyways, Liverpool for me as well. Where I live it, it's mostly United and Liverpool fans, and the United ones are usually pretty sensible. It's unbelievable to me that even in the middle of the United States, these Liverpool fans I know still act like the ones that live in Meyerside. Such delusional assholes.

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Hate Spuds, West Ham and Arsenal.

Also hate Liverpool, Leeds and United.

Don't care about QPHa but their fans are animals.

Have soft spots for Fulham and City.

I take more pleasure in beating Spurs, West Ham and Arsenal than any other sides though

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Surprisingly little animosity for Arsenal. Why is that?

Personally I can't stand them or their fans.

Probably because they are on a bit of a downward spiral at the moment....I do hate the "fever pitch" brigade of their fans, the media types who started supporting them when that book came out and when they were doing well. Every team has their glory hunters/JCL's but the Arsenal ones are so up themselves about it, they really do think they're a cut above...

Still not as bad as QPR fans though.

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