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Ex pro pundit you hate

Ballack & Blu

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Andy Gray, Jamie Redknapp, Craig Burley and Garth Crooks top my list... not sure I can separate them.

Gray is a brown nose, Redknapp is dullbut thinks he's insightful, Burley is a bitter twat and Crooks is about as self righteous as you're likely to get.

I like Neville (bloody hell) and Merson on Soccer Saturday... oh and Kammy of course :biggrin:

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Garth Crooks - Absolute prize twat and it irks me immensly that my licence fee goes towards his wages.

Alan Shearer - Dull as ditchwater, states the obvious, no insight into anything whatsoever.

Jamie Redknapp - Bad suits and even worse football knowledge.

Chris Kamara - Thinks he's a comedian. He's about as funny as a kick in the bollocks.

Craig Burley - Bitter ex blue.

Alan Hansen - Once decent, but settled into the £1m a year BBC gravy train and just goes through the motions nowadays.

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Without doubt, Tony Gale. Considering he was supposidly a Chelsea fan from Morden, he never ever has anything decent to say about us, and coats us off continually.

I'm glad someone mentioned him. He's a human rain cloud. Negative all the time, unbelievably judgmental. I hate it when he's on the telecast.

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I don't have time to name them all but I'll do my best.

Joe Royle - Still haven't forgiven him for his co-commentary with Keegan when we played City a few years back, most biased commentary I've ever seen. Scouse twat

Keegan - Irritating little twat

Burley - Never forgiven us for selling him whilst we were improving. Still bitter about being dropped for the 97 Cup Final

Crooks - Spud sympathiser. His bias against Chelsea (and Arsenal) is almost sickening. Can't believe I technically pay him, albeit indirectly.

Hansen - Deluded and talks out his arse, has no clue about football and views are way outdated. Seems to have a hatred of any London club.

Windass - Silly, irritating, thick and Northern that's enough for me to hate him.

Lawro - Detest the man. Irrational in his views about football and extremely montone.

Redknapp - Deluded and incredibly biased and unprofessional, see United vs Liverpool this season for reference.

Aldridge - Bitter Scouse twat

Stuart Robson - Deluded and irritating

Tony Gale - Bitter Spammer c**t, hates us and I don't know how he gets away with commentating Chelsea games.

Andy Gray - Thinks the sun shines out of Man U, Rooney, Scholes and Gerrard's asses, glad Sky sacked him it was long overdue.

Hoddle - Never really liked him even when he was at Chelsea. Probably because of his Spud roots and he's always had more time for them.

Charlie Nicholas - Twat of the highest order, still won't forgive him for saying we should be kicked out of the CL (after THAT game in 2009)

Linekar - Always found him to be obnoxious and arrogant. Can't stand him

Colin Murray - His constant jibes at Torres and obsession with Chelsea in general annoys me, he's an awful presenter as well

I do like Neville, he may be have been a c**t on the pitch but off it he is refreshingly honest and insightful about football and talks a lot of sense. I also have a lot of time for Paul Merson (Chelsea fan :good2:) Lee Dixon, Martin Keown, Ruud Gullit and Souness. I don't mind Phil Thompson as he is at least overtly biased and isn't a wolf in sheeps clothing like Hansen and Lawro in that respect.

I respect honesty and all of the above are just that

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Burley, All on Motd (all past their sell bys) Mickey Quinn (what a tosser) Garth Crooks (pathetic little Y**) and Andy Townsend (no explanation necessary0

The BEST by a country mile is Souness !! A proper un-biased football man who actually knows what he is talking about.

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Pretty much every single one of them as they are all the same, there is just some c**ts who stand out more.

Surprisingly Neville is one that I like, hated him as a player but hes a class pundit and actually talk sense - starting to believe hes a closet blue as well.

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