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Your opinions on all these Brazillians


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With Luiz, Oscar, Ramires, and Piazon (and I'm probably forgetting another), we boast the most Brazilians in our first team squad than any other PL team. 


By the looks of things, we're set to sign Wallace and Paulinho and don't forget our links with Hulk over the summer. What's your opinion on signing all of these promising Brazillians? Are we slowly going to become a samba side? Brazil are well known for their masters of trickery, pitch long dribblers and free kick specialists, but how would they all fare in the premier league as a unit?


I think it's fantastic that we've got some of the hottest Brazillian talent (and their future captain) at our disposal. With an incredible lack of young English quality (which the Arse seem to have most of), surly we can't be blamed for our dependency on overseas talent? 


I've always loved watching Brazil play and you can't argue with a side that's won the world cup a record 5 times. We all know Oscars potential. Luiz is one of the most complete footballers in Europe,   and with that killer performance against Leeds, we know what Piazon can do beside already leading our youth team to the FA Youth Cup. Ramires probably the least Brazillian of the lot but is still one of the best midfielders in the prem on his day. 


If we do sign Paulinho and Wallace it would mean a possible starting eleven could feature six Brazillian players. A figure you would expect to see in the Brazillian leagues. 


What's your opinion on all our Brazilian intake? 

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There's far too much of an emphasis placed on nationality. I care about signing quality players, but I don't particularly care where they come from. As long as we meet our homegrown quota (and by homegrown, I do not mean English), it doesn't matter to me if our players come from Germany, Japan or Azerbaijan. 



Even Spain's OK as long as it's not the manager!

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I like the idea of adding some Brazilian flair to the club and league. For me Oscar is by far the best Brazilian in the Prem and I think with the proper coach in the proper role, he is a world beater!

That said, I want Jose to groom him in the playmaking midfielder who lies deep. I dont like normally making comparisons but this kid will be the next Pirlo IMO. What's even better is that I read in a few places that Oscar wants to stay with Chelsea and become a legend like Lampard. Keeping Lampard will only help this kid achieve that but sadly our incompetent board views this in another way.

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Would steadily disagree that 'Luiz is one of the most complete players in Europe' - don't get me wrong he is a good player and a likeable bloke but there are still massive flaws to his game.

Not sure why you seem so sure Paulinho is an imminent signing either ? Unless I've missed something....

Overall I'd agree with what Geezer said - with the right manager they will be fantastic. And I guess I'm not just talking about the brazilians here!

One thing that does worry me though at the moment is the regression of Oscar who clearly doesn't seem to getting along with the way interim does things.

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We have got to field the best players we possibly can if we have any hope for challenging for national or European honours. If those players are from Brazil, Spain, Belgium or wherever then that's just the way it is.


It would be preferable if we could fill the first team with young homegrown players who have come through the youth academy but that's won't be possible any time soon. It's not the players' nationalities that concern me, I am slightly concerned over the long-term sustainability of our current transfer policy though.

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I love the fact that we now have flair players in our squad  - certainly the Brazilians and also Mata & Hazard and De Bruyne when he returns. But I must admit I would be reluctant to sign any more Brazilians as it just wouldn't give us the right balance to win the PL IMO. As good as these players are, they can also appear pretty lightweight at times and that has certainlt been the case for us recently.


Sure, they will no doubt be great footballers and won't be wanting in terms of technical ability but we all know a TEAM has to have balance to win the PL with a campaign of 38 matches. During these Winter months when you go to away grounds up North and know you have a battle on your hands, I can't help but feel if too may of our side are lining up with chattering teeth and wearing the big gloves, the opposition relish it.

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Seems we are a bit obsessed with Brazilians at the moment.


I think we have enough now, we need to strike a proper balance between flair players and old school grafters.


We could do with a couple of 'guvnas' in the middle to do the heavier battling. 

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