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Adama Traore

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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There you go..

Had a feeling we were keeping an eye on him. Mentionted that in the "random rumour" thread a month or two back.

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1 minute ago, Chelsbear said:

Not seen anything of him to really comment one way or another.

Was a youth at Barca, moved to Villa then not long after moved to Boro. Only 20.

Anyone else have more insight?

I like many of his qualities. He is an absolute specimen physically who can run very well with the ball and is faster than any footballer in the world today i'm willing to bet but his finishing lets him down. Needs to sort that out to become great but if he did he could be a world-beater for me.

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11 minutes ago, Chelsbear said:

He at the ACON?

Would be a bit of a nightmare if him and Moses were away at the same time in the future (if it's wingback he's being touted for)

He is born in Spain and has only represented them in international level, albeit at youth level however he is still considering his options. Ideally he would want to rep Spain so he will be waiting for a call up from them I reckon however Mali is his background country. Moses is with us as Nigeria failed to qualify.

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14 minutes ago, Remodez said:

Musonda provides the same qualities and is a much better player. Bizzare signing if true. 

I don't think he has a prayer of making it here with his physique.

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16 minutes ago, Sindre said:

I don't think he has a prayer of making it here with his physique.

Possible I suppose, Traore does have a stronger upper body and can be harder to shake off. I think that importance is overstated though and compensated by the fact that in addition to being fast and able to take players 1on1 like Traoe does, Musonda is better with regards to passing and has slightly better decision making. 

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from youtube compilations he's literally black messi

his ability to suddenly explode in pace is amazing, his end product is also amazing, amazingly sh*te

but he got loads of potential, i believe conte can turn him into something special, worst case scenario he'll be a stronger theo walcott

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Ya, hes played for 2 clubs in one season already so we'd only be signing him to loan him back to 'Boro if that was the case.

I think they bought him for about £10m or 12m or something along those lines so it could be a case of swapping out Bamford and us throwing them a few quid on top of it.

I wouldnt write him off just yet anyway, hes only 20 and Conte has Moses playing like Dani Alves at times so I'd be confident that if Conte wnats him, he sees something he likes and can work with.

That or the Emenalo and the scouts have had their eye on him for sometime and maybe just dipping their toe in the water while we negoiate with Boro over Bamford.

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Really hope he is being looked at as cover for right wing back, because athletically he is perfect, not great defensively, but he's young enough to be coached, and Conte has the ability to make it work I think.

Wouldn't be my choice, hopefully he has some sort of buy out clause so we don't get bent over for a sub right back!

I would hate to see him come in instead of using musonda though.

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