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Pre-season matches 2019

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Just now, ForeverCarefree said:

Frank again playing with two up top. 

Definitely appears to be in his thinking, even if it’s as a plan B. Diamond midfield gives opportunity to use a number of our midfield options. 

Our main squad strength is in central midfielders, and the diamond gets more of those on the pitch. Good tactics for me ... it also mitigates our weakness on the wings (CHO aside). Does put the onus on the full backs to provide the width though. In time, I can see Emerson and James being the full-back pairing that suit this formation best.

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It's so hard to tell anything from these matches but my sense is that we are trying to be more direct going forward and we seem to be trying to play for each other. Those are good signs.  If there was a down side to a team with Hazard in it, it was that he often slowed up our play and he became our only focal point.   

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