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Motm Vs Liverpool


WhMOTM vs Liverpool  

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  1. 1. MOTM vs Liverpool

    • Cech
    • A Cole
    • Terry
    • Carvalho
    • Bosingwa
    • Mikel
    • Lampard
    • Deco
    • Anelka
    • Kalou
    • Malouda
    • Di Santo
    • Belletti
    • Sinclair

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I picked Deco.

Not for the performance, but for the way he sportingly dealt with that dirty little scumbag Mascherano.

86 minutes in, Mascherano embarks on a series of dives. Deco is booked for one of them, and he doesn't lose his temper, but he helps his opponent up and hands him the ball. Considering the sh*te Mascherano had come up with during the game, that is something to be applauded.

A true professional.

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I went for Mikel - just a pity he looks about as likely to get on the score sheet as Maka. We were poor attacking wise today and unfortunately Lamps & Deco didn't do any where near enough. Anelka, Kalou and Malouda all V poor.

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Cech - Had one shot to save and didn't do it. A deflection I know, but when you're playing against Luckypool FC, what do you expect?

Bosingwa - Attacks from the wing were ineffective.

Ashley Cole - Very very poor. He wasted a very good opportunity, and was frequently caught out of position. In addition, he played a dirty game today and could easily have been sent off had it been Old Trafford. Not fully with it today at all.

Terry and Carvalho - Fairly solid, but caught out by passing now and again.

Mikel - Kept his cool and made a few decent chances, but was nowhere near as good as he has been this season.

Lampard - the one game they come together as opponents he's overshadowed by the pied piper...

Deco - Moments of brilliance, but was just outnumbered constantly.


Kalou } All a complete disgrace and not fit to wear the shirt. Consistently terrible and just plain incompetent this season; I Malouda don't know how much longer we can stick with them...

Belletti - Not as cool or composed as in previous games. A couple of nice moves in build-up and one hopeful shot which went nowhere, but largely ineffective.

Di Santo - Again, good build-up play, but as useless as the Terrible Three in terms of finishing.

Sinclair - Anonymous

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Mikel for me but nobody stood out and Malouda Anelka and Kalou looked like Championship players out there...Deco not much better

last year we would have had a worst player poll with the manager narrowly winning from Anelka, I think the Bench was poor as it has often been with an overemphasis on defence,

we never influenced the game with changes and we had very little in the way of chances,

I know it had to come but to these B**tards..we should have been better.

I still cant fathom why the only striker that can play consistantly well for us is Drogba, I thought with Sheva we played too much in the same way as we did when Drogs was up front and never really changed it for him but Anelka has had a lot of opportunity without that happening and is still anonymouse,

I thought today might motivate him but was badly mistaken...we need another striker and today I would have gladly had a Tevez out there.


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Mikel for me again, he really is coming along this season, i do feel he should come forward more.

Also an honourable mention for Di Santo, not an easy situation to come into as a youngster, but grew into the game and actually troubled their defence towards the end, some nice build ups too...

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On this match is easier to vote for the Votm - Villain of the match (and it wouldn't even be Shabby)

Morally, JT has impressed me. We know he's still carrying the burden of his injuries and he showed great dignity. He's always tried to push the team forward. I admire him for that

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Can't believe I'm voting for Mikel but he was excellent. For the first time this season, he added stunning passing to his 'break down the oppo' routine. Should never, ever consider shooting though.

Another positive was Di Santo - I though he brought something different to our attack and was the only person able to jump higher than the defence and hold the ball up.

Malouda / Kalou / Anelka all looked like they are just not physically strong enough to cope with football at this level. Each one of them got dispossessed really easily on a regular basis. Sinclair looks like more of the same.

I think it might be time for a Di Santo / Anelka pairing from the off with the former the target man, the latter the glory boy.

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I voted for mikel too but just want to give di santo some credit...sure he's far from a finished product and has a lot to learn, but he provided more of a threat as a sub than anelka did in the whole 90 he was on...plus he has a good leap on him...he beat carragher and agger a few times in the air which is commendable considering he's still pretty slight

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