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Yossi has spent too much time with Benitez


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Is there someting in the air at Liverpool that makes people have no shame as they do anything to con there way in.


Hopefully with Moses and Mikel back this truthbender will be forgotten again and can leave with the Interim.


Fernando Torres was 'badly managed' at Chelsea, says Yossi Benayoun

• 'This is first season the club has given him 100% confidence'
• Torres set to be replaced by Demba Ba against Brentford

Fernando Torres, on a run of one goal in 13 appearances, was poor in Thursday’s 1-0 victory at Sparta Prague. Photograph: Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Yossi Benayoun believes Fernando Torres's difficulties at Chelsea are the result of mismanagement as he offered a glimpse into the fragile mindset of the club's £50m record signing. Benayoun, who is back in contention at Chelsea after a return from injury and a loan spell at West Ham United, says Torres, his friend and former Liverpool team-mate, was not given the trust and confidence that he needed at Stamford Bridge by a succession of managers.

Torres arrived in January 2011 from Liverpool and he struggled under first Carlo Ancelotti and then, last season, under André Villas-Boas and Roberto Di Matteo. The latter was replaced as the manager by Rafael Benítez last November and Torres's numbers have been better this season, even though he is on a run of one goal in 13 appearances and he was poor in Thursday's 1-0 Europa League victory at Sparta Prague.

He stands to be replaced by Demba Ba for Sunday's FA Cup fourth round replay at home to Brentford but Benayoun is convinced that the Chelsea support will come to see Torres back in the form that he once showed at Liverpool.

"It has been a hard time for him," Benayoun said. "The situation from the beginning was managed bad with him. This is my opinion. When he came in, he was on the bench, then on the pitch and so he did not get the confidence when he came in. And with the £50m above his head, it is not easy for any player. This season he was scoring a few in a row and then another bad spell but he just needs to believe in himself, to keep doing the right movements.

"Against Wigan [last Saturday] he played well but the goal did not come. The keeper made two or three great saves. If he scores, it changes everything and his confidence comes back. Hopefully he will get a few more soon and you will see the real Fernando Torres."

Benayoun enjoyed a productive link with Torres during their time together at Anfield, when the Spaniard was arguably the best striker in the Premier League and Benayoun believes that Torres has felt the benefit this season of being Chelsea's principal centre-forward. Ba was signed from Newcastle United last month to take the strain off him.

"You can understand it is not easy, from being the top striker at Liverpool … he was unbelievable, you gave him the ball and you knew he would score," Benayoun said. "But he had a bad time in the beginning at Chelsea and this season is the first time that he has been given the chance to be No1, because [Didier] Drogba was here, so there was competition.

"This is the first year the club gave him the 100% confidence that he needs to be No1. He has had good spells and bad spells but he has 15 goals already. That is not bad but hopefully he will finish with 25. It would be good to get his confidence back and be his old self.

"Personally, I believe in him 100%. For me, he is still one of the best."

Benayoun and Chelsea hold an option in the summer to extend his contract at Stamford Bridge for a final year but the 32-year-old is focused on achieving the club's aims over the next three months.

"We should finish in the first three, at least, and continue well in the Europa League and the FA Cup," he said. "This team can and must win titles this season, even though we have the disappointment of being out of the Champions League and being too far from Manchester United in the Premier League. We will try to finish well. I'm very confident we will."


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“When he came in, he was on the bench and then on the pitch, so he did not get the confidence he needed. And with the £50m above his head – it is not easy for any player..."

So, does this mean Demba Ba will not get the confidence he needs? He has been on the bench awhile also.

Also, is this a get-out-of-jail-free card for any player future big-money signing?



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What we have here, quite simply, is an ex-Liverpool never was sticking up for his mate the ex-Liverpool has been, also managing to have a sidewise swipe at Robbie Di Matteo and AVB - it was their fault says Benayoun that Torres' Chelsea career never took off, with the further implication that only the interim can be trusted to get the career of football's most expensive flop back on track.


The lesson to be learned here is even simpler:



In order of arrival: Benayoun, Torres, Benitez and Zenden - I seriously don't give a monkey's that he was once a Chelsea player; he was brought here because he's R*fa's mate. Get shot of the f**king lot.

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Don't forget that Benayoun was Torres' room-mate at Liverpool. That we signed him in the summer gives weight to what Ray Wilkins was saying about having previously tried to sign Torres. The only reason I could think of at the time for signing Benayoun was that his presence might persuade Torres to join, and the only reason I can think of for the interim bringing Benayoun back after an unsuccessful loan spell at West Ham for f**k's sakes is that he's Torres's mate.

f**king scouse rejects. f**k off the bar steward lot of you.

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unsurprising really that a player who we bought from the dippers in panic mode is bitter because he was dropped and loaned out for not being good enough , spurts bile in support of the rest of his under performing scouse misfits , just f@~k off the lot of you,  Does anyone else find it suspicious that these outpourings go unpunished while J Tseemingly gets overlooked and treated like dirt since his SFL tweet ?

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Benayoun must have gotten to know the club through and through during the 5 minutes he spent at Chelsea, including the managers he didn't play for because he was on loan elsewhere. I'm sooooo pleased with the present situation now, Torres here, Banayoun here, all under the inspirational leadership of FSW. All is well.

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Yossi makes me sick. If you're blaming your own club for Torres' troubles, you may as well walk out that door and never return to the club. That kind of attitude should not be tolerated by our club.


FSW and Yossi can piss off for all I care. I have nothing against Fernando, and the only reason I want him gone is because he'll benefit his career and it will benefit our club greatly. 

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 Does anyone else find it suspicious that these outpourings go unpunished while J Tseemingly gets overlooked and treated like dirt since his SFL tweet ?


JT's instagram support of Lampard was clearly done on his own accord, and it put a few noses out of joint. (And by a few, I literally mean a few, the three 'wise' men as it were)


You can debate the merits of players commenting on club issues in the manner that he did till the cows come home, but there can be no doubt that his motivations were sincere and pure.


You can't say the same about Benayoun here, he's the only player shameless enough to come out and lay the blame for Torres' travails at the feet of former gaffers.


Ancelotti, Villas Boas, Di Matteo, all competent managers, and all failed to get anything out of Torres. Surely, from this we can surmise that the problem doesn't steam from the management, it's all down to the (shell of a) player in question.

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I just hope the fans at the next home game make their feelings well known to the ratty looking twat..

'You're not welcome here, you're not welcome here.. etc etc'


How the f**k have all these ex dippers ended up at the bridge, it's not as if they were part of teams that have trampled all before them ????


Roman..  Empty the bins  :mad:


Even Torres, who up until recently i was one of his staunchest supporters, his performances lately have even lacked the effort that kept the support on board previously..

Sorry Nando, but it's your own fault fella  :sad:

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Torres's numbers have been better this season, even though he is on a run of one goal in 13 appearances

To my simple mind, this would suggest that the 'mismanagement' that Benayoun blames for his mate's abysmal form has really taken hold in the last 13 games.

So let's give the guy credit for seeing where the problem really lies.

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What Yossi seems to have forgotten is that Torres was crap before we signed him, which it's another reason why blaming mismanagement at Chelsea for his years of poor form is ridiculous.

On the subject of mismanagement, I was just watching Alonso's interview on Football Focus and he as good as admitted that the reason he left Liverpool was his personal mismanagement under the FSW.

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