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Chelsea v Valencia (CL) Tue 17th Sep 20:00 GMT

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1 minute ago, Valerie said:

Oh god, was the "not that type of player" wheeled out again? That must be one of the stupidest things to say in football or in any other sport. They're all that type of player, each and every one is capable of an intentional horrible tackle, as they all want to win regardless.

True but as someone else said, whether it’s intentional or not is irrelevant. It WAS wreckless and dangerous and could have given Mason a double leg break. The fact VAR doesn’t highlight these instances to me is extremely worrying. 


VAR isn’t the problem obviously, it’s the idiots that run it behind the scenes.

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1 minute ago, evissy said:
2 minutes ago, coco said:
If that foul was just a yellow card, what kind of message does that send out ? Not a good one.

It wasn't particulartly intentional and early in the game. I understand the yellow.

When it happens in the game is irrelevant, the intention of it maybe debatable, but the recklessness of it is plain to see, he followed through that little bit too much for me.

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