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Euro 2020 (played in 2021)

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Just visited my parents, where we discussed the Euros. My father was very surprised to learn France were out, but my mother was very much up to speed: the Swiss beat the English and the French beat the Belgians. Last week for some reason or another she was indignant about Baku being one of the venues (while we were on the subject, I told her about our Europa League final win there), and today she was a bit miffed that I didn't know from the top of my head which match will be played there next.

So, all in all, a good talk about football with a couple of very involved 92 year olds :biggrin:

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1 hour ago, Hensi said:

Considering that the team I root for the most on international level is already out, I really hope it will be either Spain or Italy going all the way. Jorghi and Dave both deserve a major international trophy, so I will be happy both ways.

On a second thought, I will be happy for every other country, except England, to lift the trophy. I am really sorry fellow English fans and natives, but this narrative that "It's coming home" is getting insufferable, sometimes makes me cringe even.

One can no longer react and read some news or watch some football analysis online without seeing "England on cruise control", "Southgate redemption arc" , "No way back" , etc. I just want to watch some quality football and analysis, not the infamous media bias, its not the regular season so no need to di*kride c*nts like Grealish, Sterling, Maguire, etc.

Yes the English media make you cringe at times, always looking for a premature hero.

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Has Mancini fell into the Pochettino/Kane Lampard/Kante trap of dropping the in form player for the big name?

No way does Locetti deserve to be dropped.

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