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Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

Torres: stay or go?  

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  1. 1. Torres: stay or go?

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If I was Torres, I would do the same thing. Therfore I cannot blame him as we'd probably all do the same thing.

Rake in as much coin as you can, because when the playing days are over you are finished..... and you'll have to do boring punditry for peanuts (in comparison).......although I dont know what Torres could offer via punditry now, poor guy!


He has already earned far more than a normal person could spend in numerous lifetimes. When he retires he will continue to earn a large wage as a pundit, coach, anything he wants.


I don't understand people defending him not taking a pay cut to play elsewhere. He'd still be earning many thousands of pounds a week and there would be nothing he couldn't buy.


If he just loves playing for Chelsea, fine, but I can't understand someone not doing a job they would prefer (playing regularly for another side) just because the pay is a few tens of thousand less a week.


As for him not caring, I think he does care, and try. He's just a pretty bad footballer now.

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Dont get me wrong, I wish he would go too, that much is obvious.... but I understand why he wouldn't go. He has a guaranteed contract for a huge amount, wont get it anywhere else now that he is utterly useless.

Its easy to think that if you were in his position you'd have so much pride that you'd move on. Maybe if he was younger yes he'd want to do that. Truth is, at his age, having won pretty much everything there is to win, he's probably happy to coast along, raking in a fortune in the twilight years.

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No, I do not detest. How can I hate someone I do not even know. I just feel, he is a detestable chap. His attitude, just look at him sitting on the bench motionless, shows no happiness when the team scores, just there for the money, I feel.


Sorry but you've contradicted yourself there.

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Why should Chelsea pay up front 16m now? Lol.

Jose should have him train with the team, but play him in some Carling Cup games only. Most likely, that is leading to happen anyway.


I agree.


Fact is Torres isn't worthy of a place in our 1st team squad in important games (Prem, CL, domestic cup quarter/semi/final), I'd rather do as we have done starting with Costa, bringing on Drogba if needed. If Torres wants to sit and pick up his wages and not look to redeem himself elsewhere then that is his call, he can play our league cup/lower round FA Cup games and leave when his contract is up. I don't dislike the guy, but he isn't doing anyone or himself any favours, only his bank account.

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Struggling to believe that AC Milan are genuinely interested in him. It just doesnt make any sense. Twitter is going bananas with AC Milan fans venting their dissatisfaction at this proposed deal. It's universally accepted that he is finished as a top level striker. Just wish we would take the hit and pay him out.


Obviously surplus to requirements and will be used sparingly, as someone else mentioned... capital one cup games, possibly early round FA cup matches and even CL group stage games if we get drawn against some sort of minnow, like celtic :biggrin:

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I am getting slightly moist


That being said, I don't want him to leave. I want him to stay and score 30 goals this season. It won't happen in a million years. I don't want a player poisoning the squad and if he can't be the professional we all want to see then he shouldn't be around any of our teams. Any professional footballer who thinks, regardless of a contract, taking home £10 million a year whilst doing diddly squat is acceptable, is a bad influence on others in the squad. I've heard that AC Milan have asked us to pay them £5million, anyone fancy a whip around?

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I wonder if it would push him over the edge if we managed to bring in another striker and Jose made it clear he was then fourth choice? still wouldn't surprise me if Roman and the board still somehow want him here, although I can't fathom what the reasoning could be.

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