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Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2019/20

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Ideal result really. Utd are bang average but a win would have given them a huge lift. This keeps them well back from us. As for Liverpool, they have had to scrape a lot of results this season - many will say it’s a sign of a good team but also suggests they’re not all that. Citeh are back within 6 points and that’s a gap they overcame last season me thinks 

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Just now, 2211 said:

Here we go..

A whole week of how Liverpool was hard done by.

Today, Sky Sports

Tomorrow,  A couple of ex Liverpool players on Sky Sports News


For sure...heaven forbid they get a decision that went against them for the first time in months..there was slight contact for sure, but origi made a meal of it...and the ‘never criticised one’ Van dijk was very lethargic and didn’t bother to try close James down, allowing him time and space to pick a cross out...and Matip was poor against rashford

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The utd goal was the same as there's against us when Tammy was fouled, we were told it was a new phase of play so VAR can't call it, same as today. Yet that's being ignored because its the media darlings finally getting a decision go against them. Klopp being his usual c**t after not winning too, horrible little prick. 

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