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8 hours ago, IliyaKrostin said:

Good to see our both strikers coming on and scoring two goals to change the game.

I liked RLC's performance, his drives with the ball is something he was hardly missing in his game. Broja looked good. 

Didn't know Ugbo scored 16 goals in his last season for Cercle Burgge, good numbers for a forward.


Ugbo and Broja both look physically strong for young players.

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Watched the game, pretty much all one way traffic as expected with many players looking rusty.  I thought Drinkvodka was OK for the first 20 minutes hitting a few long balls to CHO, something that Jorghino seemingly lacks the ability to do, but after the 20 min mark, DD began to fall back into the average player that we know and could see the reason Frank dumped him.  I don't see him making the squad or Barkley, who was also pretty average; both need to be sold along with Zapacosta.  Although Gallagher played the entire 90 mins, I think it was that Tuchel was trying to see where perhaps he could fit him in, but again overall not a great performance and he might be better off on another loan spell.   Many of the fringe players really just playing for a squad spot rather than the first XI...most need to move on.

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Good night last night. Good atmosphere made by us travelling fans. Two different sides was obvious. A couple of players being looked at first half with mainly young and loanees coming on for the second half.

surprised tickets went back to Bournemouth but looked like most were sold before K O.

Apparently ticket numbers  for next week game are poor with just over half the ground sold.


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I believe the only one with a feesible chance to get a spot on the XI (most likely a 12th player) is RLC in place of Kovacic if he's now fully fit and ready to kick ass. Besides the 9 situation it's the only other place up to grab IMO.

Jorgi and Kante are a lock, and Kova is a very reliable option just missing that final pass or shot, if RLC can bring back his runs from deep in the Sarri days we may well stop complaining about lack of numbers from midfield. 

Based on this game I'd keep Chalobah, Broja and RLC for the squad. I liked Rahman's directness as well, which was a bit of fresh air after Alonso impersonating Eden, although he seems a bit sloppy or reckless.


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1 hour ago, ozboy said:

Hoping to see a bit of Brorja against the gunners and Anjorin. 
there are a couple of spots up for grabs with Giroud and Billy going so far. 

I think Broja played for the development squad yesterday so I don’t think we’ll be seeing him again :JC_doubledown:

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Broja not part of the squad no. A loan is probably on the cards for him again, 10 goals in the Eresdivisie but that league is a far cry from the EPL. He's probably not ready for this level yet.

Drinkwater still being involved is interesting though. Not sure i'm prepared to go into the season with him as a part of the squad tbh.

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Just now, Amputechture said:

As long as you've got an adblocker then this should work


You also need to be able to live with yourself for denying much needed funding to a charitable organisation… :wink:

I hope we’re playing in our new away kit. Mainly so I don’t have to look at the awful home kit. 

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Certainly is interesting with so many of the earlier used players sent to development squad or the bench, even Broja who seemed set to be part of the first team squad, that Trev Chalobah is starting.

TT must want another look at him. Hopefully it means he is strongly thinking of keeping him around, it could also be like Gallagher and offers are on the table and he needs to decide quickly if Trev is staying or going.

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17 minutes ago, Bluesince66 said:

I'm not spending, £7 on a friendly. 

This is kinda where I’m at. £15 for both, coz if I pay for one then I have to pay for the other. On the plus side it is for charity and an extremely worthy cause.

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