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Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

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if anyone has access please copy this interview here



“Stamford Bridge will always have a place in my heart. For sure. Because it was two years that I lived with a great intensity and I felt from the first day that the fans were with me in every moment.”

“To be the coach of Chelsea is not simple. You must live with great pressure, especially from the outside, but it was a pity to stop my coaching after only two seasons because I created a real link with the fans and with the players. Sometimes, you can agree because the results are negative and sometimes, you don’t understand why. But I think you must accept...”

“I keep good memories with Chelsea, the club, with Mr Abramovich, who is a very passionate man for his football. It was incredible, especially in my first season, because he was very, very close to me, asking about my football and my ideas.

“Many times he came to the training ground to meet me and I remember he wanted to watch the video about our game and about our preparation — the way we wanted to face the opponent. I think in my career, he was one of the most passionate men about football and I keep good memories about him and about the club, an important club in the world.”

“I asked for two players and we were very, very close after we won the league. One player was Romelu Lukaku, the second player was Virgil van Dijk, and these two players were very, very close. We were in contact every day and I always said that with these two players we would improve my team by 30 per cent.

“I think maybe we lost the momentum to bring Chelsea at the very top and then to stay for many years. It was a pity that it didn’t happen and Romelu is showing with Inter that my idea was right and also Van Dijk has shown with Liverpool that my idea was right for the club.”

“For sure, in my future, I want to come back to England to have another experience because I enjoyed my stay there a lot and to breathe the atmosphere in England. For me, for my family, I’d like to one day come back to England because we lived an incredible experience and we want to continue to have another experience in England.”

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Conte is capable of being a great manager and coach but like Mourinho his greatest strength - himself - invariably becomes his greatest weakness.

Supposing he did get his way though, how much better off would we be? *Maybe* we get one more major trophy, but on the flip side the likes of Mount, James, Tomori etc would be nowhere near the team.

Would that be worth just one more cup? I'm not so sure.







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He's really bad at adapting game plan to the opponent, and truly awful at making subs adjusting things during the match.

Also his "winning mentality" is too obsessive and it's apparent that he makes his lads nervous, not confident, in every big match.

Specifically at Inter... we play a muscular 532 with scarce ball-playing qualities and simplistic off-the-ball movements, we don't have players that can dribble in tight space, we just hoof the ball up lacking precision and coesive build-up. We end up banging on the defensive wall against lesser teams that defend deep, while good teams easily outsmart and outpress us.

Comment from an Inter fan.

Eerily similar to Chelsea 17/18.

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In case you wonder what happened to Inter last night.

Perisic and Eriksen benched. Two players who can decide a game on their own with one moment of brilliance. Sensi also on the bench, vital player in midfield.

Desperately chasing a goal in the final minutes and Martinez gets subbed off.

Things that are happening right now at Inter are so similar to Conte's 2nd season at Chelsea.

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4 hours ago, Strider6003 said:

Juve are struggling this season under Pirlo makes you wonder how long they will persist with him.

Will they stick with him if he looks to be falling short of Champion League qualification?

I think if he fails to win the CL he's out just like Sarri. If he can't even get into top 3 in Serie A he's out just as well. That's how I perceive Juventus.

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17 hours ago, Gol15 said:

After Inter won today Juventus is officially out of the Serie A title race. I saw an interesting comment about it saying: "Don Conte created Juve's dynasty and 9 years later he is finishing it with Inter, what a man" 


Feel a bit sorry for Pirlo LOL. The first manager for almost a decade that hasn't won La Liga with Juventus ... talk of him being replaced by Allegri now ...

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12 hours ago, Sexyfootball said:

Feel a bit sorry for Pirlo LOL. The first manager for almost a decade that hasn't won La Liga with Juventus ... talk of him being replaced by Allegri now ...

Hopefully this puts an end to the nonsense that anyone can win leagues with the best teams.

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