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Pre-Match Predictions (2021/2022) - Week 5 - Spurs (Away)

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Week 5 of the PL season predictions. Person with the most points at the end of the season wins a terrible Chelsea-themed prize.

Your prediction should be of the score, the first goal scorer and the minute of the first goal.

For example, if I am predicting 2-1 to Chelsea with the first goal scored by Christensen in the 5th minute:  Spurs 1-2 Chelsea, Christensen, 5

NOTE: If you do not include the team names in your prediction and instead just put the score, e.g. "1-2" I will assume Home - Away.

If you're predicting a 0-0, then the player name and minute should be of the first shot on target, rather than first goal.  If you predict a scoring game, but the result is 0-0, then the player name and minute will, again, be of the first shot on target.

Deadline is 5 minutes before kick-off.
Maximum of 1 change per person.

Correct Result (W, D, L): 1 point
Correct Score: 5 points
Correct First Scorer: 5 points
Correct First Scorer and Minute: 15 points
Correct Everything: 30 points



Salato 30
erskblue 21
Cone 17
goose 17
CaitlinCFC 16
Simplymo 13
Valerie 13
Gol15 12
LlanCFC 12
Munkworth 12
carrickblue 12
Strider6003 12
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Spurs 1-1 Chelsea, Kane, 30'.

I have never spent so much time trying to predict a score... Can't see us scoring many goals here, I hope I'm wrong but in my mind they take the lead after a counter attack which in itself is insane considering our clean sheets but somehow I believe they will score first. If we score first we should win but that might only happen if we get a penalty or if they make a big mistake.

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Ah correct everything is 30 points I remember it being 50. @Valerie still has every chance.

Spurs kept 3 clean sheets on the trot before Palace, and I am expecting most of their big players back. Will go for my first 0-0 of the campaign.

First shot in target is a really hard one to call not knowing who is fit for them so I will pick Lukaku 15.

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Will see how it goes this week then; we are an even more solid team than when faced Spurs last season, but still could take a bit of time potentially to break them down, so:

Spurs 0 - 2 Chelsea

Lukaku 36'


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