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Your Best Games Of All Time

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Have you gone back and played the games you loved as a kid? They're all terrible. Nostalgia is best left in the past.

I got a mega drive joystick game thing for Xmas, had paperboy (garbage) ghosts n goblins (good but so hard) and a few others. So disappointed. On the other hand in have r-type and r-type 2 on my tablet and they are marvellous.

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1) Time Crisis series

2) SSX series

3) TOCA Touring Car series, including the reformation into GRID which remains the best racing game ever. I'll fight anyone who says otherwise.

4) WWF Smackdown 2! Know Your Role 

5) Final Fantasy 9

6) Running Wild

7) Mass Effect series

8) Cool Boarders series

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Too many!


Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of cortex

Streets of rage 2

GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas

Final Fantasy x

Def Jam Fight for NY

WWE Here comes the pain

Pokemon Gold

Championship Manager 01/02

Fifa 09

Fifa world cup 2010

Super Mario 3D

The Last of Us

Shadow of Collosus


Need for Speed Underground

Gran Turismo 3

Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham City

Mass Effect 1 2 3




Fight night Champion

Pes 4


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Played Brain Training on the DS for ages as well haha.


I have a feeling Witcher 3: Wild Hunt might join my list. Most RPGs have something about the gameplay that I don't like (Skyrim 1st person, DA:I not one open world), Witcher doesn't from what I can see although obviously I haven't played it yet. Unfortunately although I'll pre order it I won't play it till I get back from uni at the end of May.

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PES 1-6

Champ Manager

Theme Hospital

Duke Nukeem 2

Die Hard series

Spyro 2

WWF Attitude

Abes Odyssey

Resident Evil 1-2

Silent Hill


GTA (all)


FIFA Road To France 98

Red Dead Redemption

LMA Manager

Knockout Kings

Sonic 2

Road Rash


Dino Crisis

Shadow of Mordor

COD World at War.

Ready to Rumble



The Last of Us.

Destruction Derby 2

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Grim Fandango (PC)

Day of the Tentacle (PC

The Secret of Monkey Island (PC)

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (PC)

Sam & Max Hit the Road (PC)


I played loads of games at the local arcade when I was a kid/teen. Some of my favourites were pinball machines, but I remember popping in quite a few coins into these:


NBA Jam, but NBA Hangtime was my favourite NBA Jam game.

Tekken (everything up until Tekken Tag, which was my favourite)

Point Blank

Virtua Fighter 2


I used to play the heck out of my Commodore 64 and there were loads of great games (Uridium, Bubble Bobble, Pirates, The Great Giana Sisters, Skate Or Die, etc. etc.). I think Elite still deserves a mention.

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