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Chelsea V Leicester FA Cup Final 15/5/21

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1 hour ago, Valerie said:

I'm trying to keep myself from sitting on the sofa, catatonic from fear, by cycling back and forth to the local waste collection site. And no, not just for fun, but to actually getting rid of broken down electronics collected through the years. This has been followed by a visit to the DIY store, which I hate even more than Ikea, for some paint colour samples.

 Still five and a half hours to go. I'm still fwightened. I need booze.

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Just now, Munkworth said:

Oh god, we deserve to lose just for wearing that f**king monstrosity!

If it bothers us imagine how it must feel for our opponents!

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9 minutes ago, Gol15 said:

There is a big fox balloon as support for Leicester


I’m sure we’ll be bursting it a little later. 

It’s just started absolutely pissing down, my BBQ is being thrown further in to doubt!

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6 minutes ago, sonic90 said:

Says the man who FKWs in the pink

I'll probably regret asking: FKW? When I google I get specific kindney support food for cats. And although we're talking about @Munkworth here, it somehow doesn't seem the right explanation :biggrin:

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8 minutes ago, sonic90 said:

Says the man who FKWs in the pink

Says the man who makes silly promises and then doesn’t have the courage to follow through on them! At least I stick to my word!

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3 hours ago, goose said:

BBC news this morning was all Leicester and I was thinking are there not 2 teams in this final.

To be expected I suppose, and if Leicester were playing any of the other bigger teams I’d be backing them too.

Not surprised, will be even more biased when is all Man City ahead of the other final in 2 weeks.

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Posted (edited)
37 minutes ago, Gol15 said:

Huge final, let's make it count!


Well I guess that means we "won" the toss to play in home colours. But did we really win or lose there?

If we lose 2 finals in this kit may cost the club a boatload and many will see it as cursed. However if we win both we probably will see @Munkworth go all full kit again for this one...

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