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Lewis Baker- Could he make it?

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Vitesse are trying to get Baker to stay another year explaining he needs another year to prove himself among men.

Whilst I agree with this sentiment for Solanke, Nathan and Brown, I think Baker needs to take a step up in quality, and I think he needs to be tested in the BPL.

It will be tough task to find him a suitable BPL loan though and I can't think of a current BPL team for which he would instantly fit straight into the side, yes for teams like Bournemouth, Sunderland and West Brom, Baker probably holds more quality than their current midfielder but neither of these teams play in a style or formation that that would suit Baker, so that would rule them out for me.

So that leaves either the promoted teams or to go down a similar route to Bamford and place him somewhere he isn't first choice and will have to fight his way into the squad.

Middlesbrough is probably the place most suited to him at the moment he would likely start and he would likely join up with Kalas, but there is also the option of a team like Palace or Swansea where whilst not a starter he would likely make a good understudy (to Cabaye or Britton/Sigurdsson) and would likely be given a decent amount of minutes. If he is to get a loan I think these three clubs are our best options.

However, for me he would make a great understudy to Cesc which is why I would have him in our squad next season. I don't think that risking another loan is necessary.

I also don't agree that you can't find a space in the squad for both RLC and Baker as both are very different players and would be providing cover for very different roles in the squad.

Young players need game time, he should be doing more than just providing cover at one spot. Not a chance both will be in the squad and play significant minutes

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Vitesse is the most pointless 'partnership' we have at the moment. Players that seem to shine on loan and look like they could make it at Chelsea are doing it in the big leagues with Musonda and Courtois in la liga, Christensen and De Bruyne in Bundesliga, Lukaku and Ake in the prem. If the players aren't good enough for a small team in one of these leagues its unlikely they'll be good enough for us. 


Sure there can be the counter argument of Traore doing well at Vitesse but i'm sure he could have done much better in a tougher league challenging himself more.


I would send Baker to a small team from one of these leagues and see how he does. I could see him doing well in La Liga with his playing style. 

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We have a habit of overcooking the players development.


Chalobah was ready after his loan at Watford, but we persisted with Mikel.

Bamford was ready after his brilliant season at Boro, but we brought in Falcao.

Ake and Jay Dasilva are ready but we will go out and but a LB this summer.

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I've never been impressed by Izzy Brown. From what I've seen he's a championship player at best.


For me he's the best of the bunch (in terms of raw talent)... just needs to be more prolific. I honestly think he can be as good as Thomas Muller at Bayern. Baker strikes as the 'Mata type', someone who can't be relied upon to contribute anything defensively but will always be a threat from set pieces and 25 yards out...


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