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Pre-season matches 2019

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FT 1-0 to Kawasaki. Not a great match, but that may not be surprising against a fit and tidy opponent in its mid-season.

Quite a few players not up to scratch (yet): Zouma, Kenedy, Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Batshuayi. Haven't really noticed much from Alonso either. Mount did okay, but not spectacular, good to see young Kasey Palmer, but he wasn't on long enough to make an impression. Pulisic was also on for a short time and looked lively. Look forward to when he's settled in and gotten to know his teammates. The only one who impressed me was Ross Barkley. He stuck in,  trying to create something. We were toothless in attack though.

No Kante or Kepa in the squad.

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9 minutes ago, Jezq8 said:

Only got to see the last 15 mins or so. But we seemed to struggle to create chances 

I think that will be Lampards biggest challenge this upcoming season. He'll make to make do with unconvincing wingers and unconvincing fullbacks for the most part (bar Azpi if he finds his form again) which could make us fairly easy to contain through the middle.

In terms of our wingers we really need to hope CHO signs that extension because i think he's got the potential to become our most important player offensively this season already. Although it will take a while before he'll be able to play this season.

Getting goals and performances out of our current crop of strikers will also be a huge challenge for Lampard. I think Giroud is our best option currently and we need to hope he finds his goalscoring-boots in the league or we will struggle.



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Cabellero - Some good saves
Mount - Good closing down, unlucky with a blocked shot
Jorginho - We looked much better with him in the midfield


Pulisic - Struggled with dribbling, but stretched the defence and got into good crossing positions
Barkley - Did okay, though a bit slow on the ball and some iffy decisions


Batshayui - Strength and hold-up play has improved, but still not great at his decision-making or taking players on
Zouma - Pulled out of position several times. Just don't think he's good enough.
Kenedy - Just not good enough


Why are they still here?



It's pre-season, so it doesn't really matter, but if you want to take something away from the game and try to judge it, it has to go down as a disappointment. Even with lots of changes, we should be winning against that sort of opposition, and it's hard to look past the post-hazard concerns of lack of creativity and goals from this team. 

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1 minute ago, Valerie said:

I felt he was clearly not sharp enough yet, but he was on the ball more than a few other players put together :biggrin: Can't wait to see him match fit, though. 

Oh good, as he is basically our only signing I want to be excited about watching him play!  Shame Batshuyi wasn't great, we need one of him or Abraham to be up there as Giroud is not going to be playing all games I wouldn't have thought.

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Not too bothered by a preseason loss.  Kawasaki is mid season and treated it like a cup final, so did their fans.  We had many subs in the second half, so that always disrupts the flow.  At the very least, our players were able to get a little more game fit and Frank was able to assess the team a little more - that's all that matters.

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