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Chelsea V Arsenal: FA Cup Final Saturday 1st August 17:30 GMT

Eight Times

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They have a few injuries in defence, Arsenal fans reckon Arteta will field a back 3 comprised of CBs and fullbacks. Sure Luiz will be there but he's a big game player and almost always performs well in them.

Seeing as we have momentum with a back 3 now, it would make sense to continue with that but it might be good to surprise them with a heavy attacking formation to try and get an early goal.

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5 hours ago, Andy North said:

We should beat Arsenal. They have had some good results against the big teams recently but still have a defensive weakness. I think we need to keep Willy in goal and double up on Aubameyang.

Remember how we beat them in EL final last year. 


We did, but that was a different Chelsea.

Would be a real shame to have beaten Liverpool, Leicester and United to then lose to Arsenal.

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Last game of the season so lets make it one to remember!

I have confidence we can beat ARSEnal but they do turn up on occasion so we can't afford to faff. I think we play 5 at the back again and swap out Rudiger for Christensen with usualy midfield bossing from Jorginho and Kovacic. Hoping to see a goal from Giroud to really rub it in.

Should be a nice week long break, need Pulisic at his best and hopefully CHO starts over Willian. Lampard's son will obviously start as per usual, but he's better in midfield then on the wing.


( I dont count the Bayern game as thats going to be nothing more than an exhibition lol)

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We need to be deep ourselves. Luiz as we know can ping a 70 yarder on a 6 pence and with Auba up to countering our defence could not match his pace.

Kovacic and Kante used to make space for Jorginho to find Giroud, who can dominate them in the air, knocked downs to Willian/Mount/Pulisic.

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4 hours ago, robdog said:

FYI for US fans: The FA Cup won't be televise - you will need to find a stream or pay ESPN for a stream

Yup us north American based fans who will be working during the game will be checking the shed end for unbiased, fair and to the point commentary on the game.

Over to you Coco and Eight times 👍

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Since 2000 both Arsenal and Chelsea have won the FA Cup 6 times.

Chelsea's most recent win in the final: 2018, most recent loss in the final: 2017

Arsenals' most recent win in the final: 2017, most recent loss in the final: 2001

I wouldn't say I'm overly confident, I think it'll be a great game for the neutrals but fans from both sides will squirm.

Whatever the outcome, either Frank Lampard or Mikel Arteta will be an FA Cup winner in their first stint at top flight management. Incredible.



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 I think Frank will go with the 3-4-3 formation, I think Arsenal will play with the same system and I feel we have superior players better suited to that setup than Arsenal and we've actually played with the 3-4-3 in our last 4 games.

The bigger question for Frank is a personnel one, if Kante and Willian are fit do they immediately come into the starting 11 in the place of Mount/Pulisic & Jorginho?

Alternatively he could go with a back 4 and replace Alonso with Willian however we look incredibly susceptible to the counter with a back 4 than in a back 3 due to the recovery pace of our 3 CB's, if Frank was to play with a back 4 than Jorginho would have to be replaced with Kante to compensate for the loss of the wing-back. My preferred lineup would be as follows:


James- Zouma- Rudiger- Azpi

   Kova- Kante- Mount

Willian- Giroud- Pulisic  

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It’s a final so let’s win this.


arsenal seem to do pretty well in this competition. And I think it’s going to be tough. I wouldn’t put it past them wining this game. 



azbi zouma rudi 

James Jorginho kova alonso 

willian giroud pulisic 

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I was there with Conte's Blues, poised to  see my beloved Chels do the double again !  Think the lads had been celebrating too much from winning the title as they were off colour that day and the Gooners sent us all home early down Wembley Way, was horrible hearing that lot celebrating from afar. So Come on Chelsea lets do the business and make it EIGHT TIMES !!

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