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1 hour ago, Londonisblue said:

Mendy said it was banter. But FA are keen on banning silva though. 

I think it's just banter then, I saw a twitter thread on Mendy's banter and he seems to always have a dark sense of humor, even regarding his own race and jokes about not being able to see himself in team photo's when it's dark. 

Obviously Silva was ignorant of what he was doing because anybody who knows about the current social and political sphere would know that a tweet like that is career sabotaging. 

Not saying it's right or wrong, but I think it's just banter between two team mates 

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5 minutes ago, goose said:

Sunderland done it a few years ago and got a fine so I don’t think there was any other outcome likely. 

I remember a few cases with lower league clubs where they’ve been kicked out. Can’t remember exact teams and googling just brings up the Liverpool case unless I feel like diving deep in to it (which I don’t!). 

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