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2021/22 Home Kit Leaked


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3 minutes ago, CaitlinCFC said:

The zig-zags look horrible.

How is that better than this:


Nike ruined Inter Milan with that thing, how is this horrible zig zag...


...Better than this:


Even away shirts were better before:



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6 minutes ago, Munkworth said:

@Gol15 I actually like that Inter shirt, at least its symmetrical and not a random mish mash of designs! 

Looks like they just got all the left over bits of blue material and stuck a badge on ours!

Yea well even that one looks better than our new one, I don't like that zig zag thing, that design is just awkward, they used to have like a rugby design with lines horizontally places and that was nice but this just looks meh to me... 

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55 minutes ago, coco said:

It doesn't matter about the design of the shirt with that awful ugly 3 logo in the middle, whoever designed that logo should be tortured.

They could at least make it yellow, in this instance. That way it would match the Nike swoosh and badge, making it stand out a tiny bit less.

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On 15/03/2021 at 18:10, Valpo said:

I hate the zig zag pattern on it.

They heard you, and some of the zigzags are now squares.

I thought that designer's kid would be too big for Bring your kid to work Day by now, but apparently not. Or it's last year's kid's sibling, also possible.

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Remember when you didn't change kits every single year? 

You kept a design for two seasons and you only had a home and an away shirt. 

Now it's 3 new kits every single year. 

No wonder you get so many w**k designs now. There's only so much you can do to justify changing kits so frequently. 

Irony being that I think clubs would sell more shirts if they kept the designs more traditional. The beer belly brigade doesn't want to be swanning about with zig zigs accentuating their manly curves. 

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On 08/03/2021 at 08:04, Sexyfootball said:

All they needed to do was update the sponsor on this one :


"Less is more" ... as they say ... to be honest I am as annoyed with the club on signing off on our current shirts as I am with Nike for designing them in the first place ...

with you on this - this in the only home shirt we need

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31 minutes ago, coco said:

travel board ?

Rather than going Queen’s Gambit and playing the moves out on your ceiling, you can now just open the travel bag, rip out a kit, and play for real.

Seriously though, I didn’t mind the shirt until this new picture turned up. Thought the digital renderings just had a glitch or something, but nope. Literally that whole side is checkered. Eh, well, might just have to win the league in it then.

Still like the yellow, I’ll say.

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