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Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2019/20

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Luiz can pass the ball like only à handfull of CB's in the world can. And for all his deficiencies he's been there and done it in huge games.


Maguire is good in the air. That's all he brings. He can't pass, can't tackle and sure as sh*t can't lead.

He won't take Man U to the "next level" and there's no way in hell he's worth 85m!

Aldervireld was available for 1/4 of that price. (But he turned them down for a massive signing on bonus when he leaves Spuds next year, à la Ramsey)


Bravo Leicester, you've taken them to the cleaners!

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United fans are turning into Liverpool fans the longer they go without success. Some of them are so delusional that they think signing Wan Bissaka and Maguire means they have the 2nd best defence in the league. Wan Bissaka is a good prospect, but he's not there yet and he may never be. Maguire is an okay cb at best and has a lot of mistakes in him. Maguire is a step up on what they have, but he's not that much of a step up. Let's be honest here, they are the only ones daft enough to pay that much for him, no other team in Europe would pay that much for Maguire even if they could afford it. They are also saying the fee doesn't matter.......but at the same time laugh at us for offering Hudson-Odoi 100k a week.

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The Mail had an interesting take on Bale.

They said RM were trying to call Bale's bluff and didn't think he would go to China.

Bale on the other had saw himself being the leading light of Chinese football and was looking forward to the challenge.

It was then when RM realised Bale was serious and that they were not going to get a fee they stopped the transfer.

The Spanish sports media call this the Cold War between Bale and Zidane.

I don't think Zidane has a personal problem with Bale just sees keeping him as too expensive when they could strengthen in other areas.

I think Zidane might not last long this time around. 


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11 hours ago, Boyne said:

Love seeing a bunch of overweight northerners hufffing and puffing after taking a few quick steps and throwing punch. lol. If that was us there would be outrage. People’s doors getting kicked in at 5 am. All the identified ones splashed across the papers with full names and addresses. 

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