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Chelsea v Norwich (PL) Tues 14th Jul 20:15 GMT

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Just now, coco said:

the worry is the next two games with this form = death

We looked decent this season against Liverpool overall so maybe some of our players wake up cause it's a big opponent...you never know.

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This is where teams today are lacking a real captain just like terry or keane ,Adams etc etc ,captions who could read the game and the team and act accordingly to fix issues like this sh*te from the pitch by their own performance and tounges .

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4 minutes ago, rtwelch said:

Wolves will absolutely do us over playing a low block. They could easily leapfrog us if we lose to Liverpool

I think shagwell town would get too close to comfort for us aswell on this showing so far 

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20 minutes ago, Sexyfootball said:

To everyone who is getting frustrated, and thinking Norwich ought to be a pushover, so far this season they have beaten Man City and Leicester, and got draws against Leicester, Spurs and Arsenal.

Hopefully we can get a second and a third and kill them off ...

A lot of their better performances were earlier in the season - they have been relegation certainties and absolute toilet for a while now.

Not sure what happened to our fresh, attacking football full of energy we saw earlier in the season - we don't look like the same team.

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