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Chelsea v Man City (CL Final) 29/05/21 KO 20:00 BST


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I well remember  thec2008 final which as an Aussie on holiday I watched at a cafe in Cannes. The only other blue supporter in a street with outdoor cafes full of red shirts was only a blue supporter because he was Israeli and so was a Aram grant. That was our strongest side by far and we were better but lost. That’s what gives me hope, but not expectation. If we win it will be against the odds. And all the better for that. Proud for the team no matter what. Good effort to get to a champions league final. ,

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1 hour ago, turnyitb said:

Have you gone? 

You may not feel slighted by so many tickets being returned...perhaps yours and my pride is different...i am currently laid up after a car hit me...but honestly i wouldnt have been there...personally, im pissed with our fans and have been for a long time..not just today....and i say so coz ive given to my club since 67/68 blood sweat n tears.....now toddle off boy

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49 minutes ago, dR3 said:

Holy sh*t, this video is ridiculously well made. Goosebumps and watery eyes in just two minutes.

Thanks for sharing it.


47 minutes ago, turnyitb said:



18 minutes ago, Valerie said:

Once again an impressive production from the club's media department. Goosebumps!

I was watching and then when they showed Lampard's penalty after his father died it hit me and then right after that you see Drogba... 


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2 minutes ago, Munkworth said:

I bought the one I said I’d get thus the football gods have no quarrel with me. It’s you who’s dancing with the devil...

I've tried pleasing the football gods lots of times but they failed to deliver so many things, it's time to try the devil!

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Here we go guys the day of our biggest game of the year has come, if anyone is interested I am bombarded here in Romania with City news on every sport channel. Already knew Barcelona and Madrid were the media darlings here, but it seems they added City to that list, too. It is 99% City news and 1% Tuchel and his 2nd UCL Final in a row. Everything else is Pep Guardiola, Aguero's last match that supposedly must end with the CL trophy, City's dominance, footage of their trip from Etihad to Porto, countless interviews on why they should win the trophy etc.

Luckly none of these Romanian 'unbiased' journalist are high in the UEFA rankings otherwise I am afraid this game would probably have been cancelled and given to City 'on merit' because their manager deserves it, Aguero deserves it, they are a better team and must conclude their decade of dominance with this trophy.

What can I say though??? Underdogs again, would love us to prove them all wrong once again even though it is going to be a bloody hard game.

Come on you Chels!!! :bluescalf::bluescalf::bluescalf:::ChELSeAFaN::

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