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Chelsea v Man City (CL Final) 29/05/21 KO 20:00 BST


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3 minutes ago, Frawdulant said:

Right f**k the negativity and doubt many of us are feeling. Today we need to come together and BELIEVE!!!

I know, I know... I'm terrified, but my phone will be fully charged and ready to receive a tsunami of congratulatory texts ::ChELSeAFaN::

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I think if Tuchel gets the team selection right we win. Game plan to frustrate them play our style and nullify there's, sounds simple it won't be. Both teams should be at similar levels of motivation for this game.

I think our def and midfield has enough steal to keep them out for 90 mins. I'd take a nervy 1 nil win for us but would very much prefer we score first and get a 2nd to pretty much confirm the dub. 

For me it all comes down to who plays up top and on the right wing. I don't want Azpil at rwb would prefer him at Rcb and James on the wing because he's more athletic and dynamic. 

Every single one of Werner, Mount, Pulisic, Havertz and Ziyech have a case to start. Based on our style of play under TT you would have to think Mason and Timo are locks. 

Pulisic can influence games starting and off the bench and so I understand if he doesn't start.

Ziyech has scored twice and probably has the confidence going into this game to make it 3 in a row.

Kai is our best striker option by far, best movement of anyone who plays at centre forward under Tuchel. His finishing like many of the others has let him down at times but he remains arguably our best shot at scoring.

I'll go with 


       Cesar           Silva          Rudi

James  Kante    Jorginho Chillwell 

        Werner                    Mount 



Werner could very well be dropped for this game as surprising as it sounds. Especially since he is so important to how Tuchel wants to play likewise for Mount.

But, I just feel like Mount offers the system flexibility of being a front 3 and a midfield 3 throughout the game as he plays like a forward and a midfielder. This is because he has so much energy which is crucial to our current style of play under TT.

Likewise with Werner and his direct running, being a constant threat on the counter will cause problems for City and their high line. His finishing has let him down but I think he still retains TT trust.

The only reason he doesn't start is TT opts for someone he believes will be more clinical. Contrary to this from a creativity pov Werner is our best goal contributor and best playmaker atm and therefore we are more likely to score when he is on the pitch. 

As I mentioned with Kai Havertz he doesn't always finish when he should 1v1 but it's the fact that he finds himself in so many 1v1s that makes me think he is probably our best striker option for this game.

With his, Werner and Mount's movement up top the City cbs  would have no one to mark. Pushing them forward and thereby leaving space in behind for Werner and Kai to run into and exploit.

Ziyech and Pulisic would for me be the most likely of all the players were they to start or come of the bench to actually effect the game in equal measure.

Therefore it is safe to presume having these two as game changers could be a clutch option especially were we to go into extra time and need fresh legs but also goal scorers.

Both these two have strong cases to start and I would not be surprised at almost any variation of these 5 players.

I think it would be unfair after the game to claim hindsight on who should start because all of these players have looked good under TT, whilst also going through periods where they have also looked less effective.

In my heart no matter what Pep says I believe he still wants to change his style slightly to adapt to us, regardless of what he says about the other 2 games having no bearing I think he will still have them in the back of his mind.

TT may opt to throw a curveball I'm not sure. The fact we have so many options  makes it so hard for Pep to predict our starting line up no matter how close he and Thomas are. 

I predict a close game. I could see 1-0 to either side, 1-1 to extra time a 2-1 for either side and a 2-0 to either side. No whitewash but potential shoot out depending on how things play out. In 90 mins we have just as good chance as they do and the current narrative in their favour is only psychological. The ball is round and everyone has 2 feet that's what my Dad has always said.

It's simple if we choose today to be clinical I think we are the best team in the world. I'm not being biased I think we are the best defence in the world and if we can seal out any team all we have to do is score to win. 

This is the best attack in world club football vs the best defence let's see who wins.

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7 minutes ago, Mike Carefree said:

Very sad and embarassing chelsea sent 800 tickets back unsold......but....come on you chelsea....we CAN do it

That’s the UEFA’s fault, they’ve used these tickets as part of a package including flights. Clearly was too expensive.

I’ve had a look into flights and my god they’re too expensive. Cheapest I could find is £250, guess I’m not going there today 😞 I hoped there would be last minute deals!

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How wonderful would it be to win our 2nd champions league in less than 10 years. I really hope the whole team turns up tonight and puts in the Performance of their lives. One thing for sure it will be a horrible match to watch and no doubt we will all be feeling the stress and nerves but isn't this what football is about, it's about nights like these, the ups and the downs. Winning and losing, the adrenaline rush when u r winning and that gut wrenching sick feeling when u r losing. I really hope we get to experience the incredible feeling of winning CL tonight. Come on Chelsea, let's do this.

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26 minutes ago, DukesOfHazard said:

Game day! So excited except for the fact I’m watching it alone due to having covid 😞 

Had a dream last night we were 2-0 up after 18mins.

Alonso and Timo on the scoresheet no doubt! Stranger things have happened... 

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Can't see Ziyech starting. He's a bit too lightweight for such a huge game. 

After the Madrid game, Havertz showed he can be a big game player so can only see him, Mount and Werner up top and the line up @LongtimerLurker has given above. That currently looks our strongest line up and nearly picks itself and that leaves likes of CHO, Pulicic, Ziyech, Kovacic on the bench to come on when need be.

Got my second vaccine in an hour, then will come home and cut the grass and try and occupy the mind to get rid of the nerves.

Massive game tonight - calls for one more MASSIVE performance from TT and the boys.

COME ON THE CHELS - do us Proud!!!

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Here's my take on how I think we will line up, shock no Azpi and 5 in midfield:


      James          Silva         Rudiger

CHO      Kante  Jorginho    Kovacic      Chilwell

                  Werner        Mount


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