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Chelsea v Valencia (CL) Tue 17th Sep 20:00 GMT

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3 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

I know it's early in the group, but this will be a huge set back if we lose this. I feel like winning the home games will be key to getting out of the group.

Looking at our home form so far this season we might be better off playing the rest of our games on the road.

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2 minutes ago, TheBlueLamp said:
3 minutes ago, cuppaT said:
No defeat is as bad as knowing Willian will still be playing for us for a while yet. 

I don't particularly want Willian beyond this season but what did he do wrong today? He has been our best player.

It just the same thing from Willian, he does okay in the build up, but messes up almost every time he gets in a dangerous position. I find it hard to call him our best player when he has made so many mistakes in what is supposed to be his most dangerous area of the pitch.

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