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West Ham Utd v Chelsea (PL) Wed 1st July 2020 20:15 GMT

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I don't think Frank can actually change a game tactically when losing his past few changes that ended up changing the game seems more luck than skill and this is a clear indication Moyes got his number it seems

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Just now, the special one said:

f**k sake, Christensen comes for the ball with Kante not even challenging, Christensen is then out of position. Couldn't make it up.

I don't think it's a coincidence that Christensen always has a sh*t game anytime he comes up against a striker with a bit of strength. Drogba would have loved playing against Christensen, he would have destroyed him.

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Posted (edited)
7 minutes ago, EdinburghBlue said:

Why is no c**t following in the 6 yard box there? f**king someone could have a tap in.

Our players don't seem to be able to anticipate where the ball might drop. They'll just stand and gawp at it. We've had classy strikers in the past that would bury these chances




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Just now, Dr Gonzo said:

f**king water break! The most pointless thing I've ever seen. It's turned into f**king American football. 

Not really. They're doing it because of the lack of competitive football for the past three months. If it carried on into next season then I would be well against it. 

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