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Leicester v Chelsea (PL) Tues 19th Jan 2021 20:15 GMT

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Just now, CFCCAN said:

All this talent ...gone to waste...I can't see how you can justify keeping him if we get stuffed today.   It's simply not getting any better is it? 

If you can't get a winning team out of that squad you shouldn't be in management, it's that simple. 

Leicester have more drove and determination and that's simply not good enough. 

No manager got this amount of time to make us into a team, its time to call it a day and try to salvage something from the season. The squad has quality they just need coached.

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2 minutes ago, jack h said:

That second goal was a mile offside! Vardy was off when the keeper booted up field and then won the header, how the f**k is that missed by everyone?

Don't think he won the header, rudiger did? I'll have to see the replay. And after that it's probably considered a different phase of play or something. 

I dunno, they've f**ked around with the offside law so much now I don't know what is or isn't 

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20 minutes ago, Argo said:

Whether he's the long term solution is debatable, whether he's better than Kepa however absolutely isn't!

For example, that shot Mendy has just got fly's in under Kepa and is made to look unsavable.

What happenet??????

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Just now, chiefBlueCFC said:

Remember when we were going to be patient with Frank and give him time and patience. Good times 

People don't want to be patient with a 20-21 year old Havertz that came without a pre-season and that had covid. Why would anyone want to be patient with Lampard right now if it's totally fine to bash anyone else, you can't have it both ways.

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3 minutes ago, The Don Antonio said:

I want lampard sacked but there is no quality replacement on the market. 

Hope he is put of his misery soon..

Dont want to see fans turning really badly against a club legend...

I think we can still claim top 4 from here with the right manager..

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1 minute ago, ross91690 said:

I'm fed up with the manager changes. Frank isn't doing great, but I really don't know what more he can do. The squad is absolute sh*t right now. Is it Frank's fault that Werner, Havertz, and crew are rubbish? No. 


The only manager I would take over him is Rodgers, but he wouldn't be given time to mold a team either. 

The players are not that bad, they are not being setup to play properly to their strengths and FL has no ideas of how to change things.

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