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Leicester v Chelsea (PL) Tues 19th Jan 2021 20:15 GMT

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Vardy was miles offside..but var interferes with our pen. I generally dont think we uave been that bad..pretty shocking defending from james and rudiger. Id have played zouma anyday next to silva or even christensen

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Just now, Chels-top-boy said:

Needs more time. I ain’t ready to give up on Frank just yet. 

Can Chelsea afford to stay out of the top 4 for a couple more seasons while Frank figures it out? I don't think so...

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2 minutes ago, TJB said:

Don't think he won the header, rudiger did? I'll have to see the replay. And after that it's probably considered a different phase of play or something. 

I dunno, they've f**ked around with the offside law so much now I don't know what is or isn't 

You can't be offside from a goal kick.

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3 minutes ago, Sindre said:

Devestating. Absolutely devestating.

We have a really soft underbelly.

Really fear it's going to be the end for Lampard tonight.

Maybe for the best all round to be honest. Both for him and the club. He needs to drop back down a league or two to try and rebuild his reputation as a manager. 

You'd take Brendan Rogers in a heart beat to try and stabilise the club. A manager who picks a team rather than players and who knows what type of player works for him. Leicester are organised and know their game. We are the total opposite. On performance you wouldn't put a single one of our players in this Leicester team.

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1 minute ago, Chelsbear said:

If you can't get a winning team out of that squad you shouldn't be in management, it's that simple. 

Leicester have more drove and determination and that's simply not good enough. 

No manager got this amount of time to make us into a team, its time to call it a day and try to salvage something from the season. The squad has quality they just need coached.

It's not because were floundering around the mid-table teams or flirting with relegation its just the horrid football that we have been playing for weeks now with no end in sight.  There is nothing in midfield and once again the back is looking shaky when under pressure.....

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1 hour ago, sonic90 said:

‘Some of our results of late have been indifferent and that’s not a direct thing on Kurt, but I felt that there were some changes that could be made. Tony is a personality within the group, and it’s a moment where we need personalities to get a result.’

But now we're missing him as a goal scoring threat and I think Zouma is a better defender anyways. Another bizarre one from Lamps..


Just want to quote this from Lampard and now it’s cost us. He doesn’t make changes for any actual reason so why the f**k does he keep doing it. Same with Reece starting over Dave for the first time in a month. That’s just bad coaching and there’s no excuse in a game this tough and at this point of the season. 

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Lampard should stay till the end of the season regardless of the results...I doubt any coach would be able to get a Top 4 this season so no point chaning now for some interim coach.  Lampard should just finish it.

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I don’t get this let’s give him time to build a squad! Why? It’s not the Chelsea way. Get a coach in who knows how to defend and build from there.  I don’t blame Frank I blame the fact he has a coaching staff that’s out of their depth at this level. Time for the next chapter

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