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Chelsea v Bayern Munich (CL) Tues 25th Feb 20:00 GMT

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Whatever happens, just please don't get thrashed, show some bottle and grit and give them a really tough game. 

We're a young side and they're a really good team at the moment, if we lose we lose, I can still be proud of the team aslong as we give them a really good game. 

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55 minutes ago, Munkworth said:

Tonight is the perfect time for a clean sheet!



Anyway, yeah I’ll be shocked if we get anything out of this game. Bayern are on another level at the moment, I’m fearing we could get thrashed.

Park the bus Frank, do it 2012 style!

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Just now, dansubrosa said:



Anyway, yeah I’ll be shocked if we get anything out of this game. Bayern are on another level at the moment, I’m fearing we could get thrashed.

Park the bus Frank, do it 2012 style!

Michy Batshauyi upfront but looking suspiciously like Drogba? 

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I believe in history, I've been always optimistic, even against Barcelona 2 years ago.

We have a good team, we don't have a world class team, but we're good and can be strong even without our top players like Kante and Pulisic. We need a strong mentality and faith in this game, everyone knows that we're underdog in this game, maybe 5-10 percents think that we can make it out, everything against us even when we play at home. All these things should work for us, it's okay to be underdog, it's okay to play against the world, but this is football and this is the most beautiful thing in football, come and beat the better opponent. 

We have a manager that played in this level and was in these situations like 8 years ago in the final. 

We can make it out, we can make it happen! Just believe and work hard for that, Bayern are really motivated because they're on good form and they're really hungry for the CL trophy, if we will say the same things for ourselves, then all we should do is play our best football and just win in the little things like aggression, passion. 

This is our time, this is our chance, we're Chelsea and we know how to do it! COME ON CHELS!!!!!!!!!!!

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On 23/02/2020 at 15:31, Maldeika said:

Against Paderborn Müller and Coman were rested for Tuesdays match. As 4 in the back did not function with 2 centre forwards with left foot in previous tries and Flick does not trust Odriozola defensively (a lot right-footed players have a good developed left foot, it is seldom that left footed players can do much with their right foot, atleast Alaba and Hernandez can't) Flick tried 3 at the back with Kimmich, Alaba and Hernandez. Like that Thiago had to play deeper, too. 

Odriozola and Coutinho played - they for sure do not play Tuesday. 

Bayern's first eleven functions great, but bigger changes to it are problematic. That happened in some previous matches. 

The Bayern lineup that is expected to start Tuesday: 


Pavard - Boateng - Alaba - Davies

Kimmich - Thiago 


Coman - Lewandowski - Gnabry

Team- and Playerstats: 



I hope that gives you some information! 

Spot on with the line up.

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Just now, Sexyfootball said:

Good reward for the guys that performed against Spurs, and I think the right thing to do.

Only change in the 18 is Pedro instead of RLC ... which is understandable, albeit a tad disappointing

Was Gilmore on the bench the other day?

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