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MOTM vs Man City (N) (CL)

MOTM vs a team who have never been Champions of Europe  

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  1. 1. MOTM vs Man City (N) (CL)

    • Mendy
    • Azpilicueta (c)
    • Silva
    • Rüdiger
    • James
    • Kanté
    • Jorginho
    • Chilwell
    • Havertz
    • Mount
    • Werner
    • Christensen (sub)
    • Pulisic (sub)
    • Kovačić (sub)

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A lot of strong performances tonight it almost seems selfish to pick one, I went for Havertz he played the whole match took his goal with aplomb and worked hard.

I might have picked Mount if he had stayed on.

A lot of strong performances, James, Azpi, Chilwell, Rudiger, Christensen were also contenders for me.

Also Mendy was safe too.

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Such a tough one. 

Rudiger and Christian when he came on were so solid 

Kante did his usual job

Havertz worked so had and very cool for his goal 

but the two wing backs James and Chilly great game ! Delighted for Chilly after the FA cup final but for me James shades it 👍 great game 😊

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Went for Kante but it’s so close. Might have gone for dave had I not done my bit for him on the dedicated thread the other day. Happy to say that comment has aged pretty well and certainly a lot better than my predictions about the CL final 

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So many good performances tonight and that#s why we won.

Most of the players were involved in some key moments and they all deserves that winners medal. But I'd give it to Rudiger. All the defenders played well and all made important tackles / won headers etc. But that sliding block he made from Foden when the score was still 0-0 was crucial and I have to admit I was wrong when I said he was pony some months back!

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I went for James, usually Mount gets it but tonight he was pretty quiet despite the wonderful and perfect weighted assist!

City chucked everything at James and he didn’t even lift a finger. Just had to do his thing and job was done.

We are extremely lucky to have Mount and James coming through at same time!

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I've gone with Kante.

James was outstanding nullifying Sterling.

Havertz has to be mentioned for scoring the winner.

The whole defence was rock solid.

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