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Chelsea v Arsenal (PL) Wed 12th May 2021 20:15 GMT


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9 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

Taking Gilmour off did nothing to improve us. What use is Jorginho against a team playing defensive? It's not like he is going to open a team up Fabregas style. One of my main issues with Tuchel is that he has made Jorginho untouchable.

Gilmour was the one player who was causing problems against a deep set defence with his vision and passing speed. 

Jorginho has played well recently but he was dire in the first half and been uninspiring in the second. When you are chasing a game Jorginho is not the player to make the difference. This is completely on Tuchel on tonight. He went for the easy target again with his substitution.

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Total waste of a win against city.

Terrible mistake from Jorginho, who has been dogsh*t all game. Gilmour shouldve stayed on.

Havertz misses a f**king sitter that wouldve killed the game in the 1st 15 mins.

Mount wasting numerous good opportunities to either score or find a killer pass.

Tuchel rotating a little too much, Kepa might not get blamed for the goal, but for me his posiistioning wasn't right, and he couldve made a better decision with the attempted clearance. 

Also the subs were not right for me. Giroud hasnt played for 2 months. 

frustrating, and now it goes down to the wite again in the league.

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1 minute ago, LongtimerLurker said:

I'm not to fussed, frustrated but keeping a level head every team has a performance like this and honestly a draw or a loss here shouldn't' have too much of an effect on us.

The main similarity between this and the wba game is we are the architects of our own downfall. Which means we still have much to improve on as good as we've been recently. This may be a blessing in disguise to help us win out for the rest of the season.



It may not matter if other teams end up dropping points. But should Liverpool win tomorrow then we will may have to win our last 2 games to ensure top 4. Either way it is still a game against London rivals and we have shown very little commitment in this performance. I remember Lampard was destroyed on here when we lost at Arsenal earlier this season.

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