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Arsenal v Chelsea (PL) Sat 26th Dec 2020 17:30 GMT

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2 minutes ago, Slojo said:

Don't blame you tbh. I turned the game off against Bayern last season when we were 2-0 down in about 20 minutes and I got abuse on here for it. What difference does it make? We're not at the game anyway. 

Do what works for you. I want to turn off but I never can for some reason, even during 15-16 I managed to only miss half a match. Tbf it's the bad moments that make the good moments even better.

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that looked a fluke, the freekick was a perfect free kick and the pen, what can you say - but apart from all of that we don't look like a side that has an absolute hunger to win. until we find that killer instinct, we won't win anything. 

the way this season is going, I can't see us finishing in the top 4   

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Just now, Slojo said:

Do you think this is all luck? Me and many others were saying this before the game, he keeps making the same mistakes and on top of that we are woeful going forward at the moment. You can't defend Frank now after this game, this is on him. 

Imagine these performances and results under the likes of Sarri and Co. 

We all know reputation and good will are keeping Frank here at the moment. His legacy doesn't deserve the backlash these results and performances will bring but reality is we are a shambolic outfit at the moment and don't look like being able to change it. 

Chelsea comes first. 

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Just now, Gol15 said:

Oh so now you're only complaining that he "can't control the ball" just so that the way we have been using him never comes into question, it was 100% valid that he gets to hug the touchline most of the time and to run like an idiot there, the only problem is that he's actually a poor player that can't control the ball... So if he's so bad why did we sign him? 

Are you intentionally obtuse or is it just natural for you? If you go back and read the f**king post I complained, he can’t control the ball, can’t pass it and can’t finish simple chances as he’s demonstrated for weeks.

As I said, you should maybe go back to school and study reading comprehension. 

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