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Following Our Nearest And Dearest Rivals 2022/23


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Old Jorginho looks like Dale Cooper's grandad. 

Admittedly it's not as close a resemblance as Thomas Frank to evil Dale Cooper from the Twin Peaks revival a few years ago. 

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10 hours ago, kennypaul said:

I wonder what United are gonna do about Mason Greenwood?

If they have morals, bin him off to Turkey or Saudi Arabia. 

So I guess, get ready to see him reintegrated into their squad just proving how sick the world is? 


In before simpletons say he was found not guilty, he wasn't - it was dropped because they couldn't convince the girl (who is STILL his partner) to testify against him. Sadly, this is the case in sexual abuse cases in the UK and over here in France too: the immense majority of abusers get away with it. 


Let's just say that if Chelsea were to sign him I'd stop watching or indeed supporting the club. 

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6 hours ago, dkw said:

On Greenwood usually the Arsenal fans who act as moral guardians of football would be all over it, but for some reason they are very quiet this time....can't think why...

Sorry but imo no club takes the moral high ground more than Liverpool,their fans the club and their coach!

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@dkw Talking of Arsenal being the moral guardians of football, football 365 has an article due to their moral outrage at our spending

My God, what is it with Arsenal fans?  They are top of the league but seem more obsessed with what Chelsea are doing than with their own success.

For them to constantly moan about Chelsea’s spending while being the third biggest net spenders in the last 5 years is a little rich – they’re not exactly paupers, are they?

But then they like to claim like Vish that Chelsea and City ruined the game since Abramovich came and ‘cheated’ in the words of Tim Sutton.  Well, to be clear, FFP was only created to stop owners such as Abramovich coming in and leveling the playing fields by spending huge amounts of money.  Before that, was there really any issue with rich owners using their own money to fund clubs spending?  No.  It was just Roman turbo-charged this to such an extent that forced FFP to come in.  Before that, there was no need to see loans forgiven as ‘cheating’.

There was a really interesting documentary on the BBC last year about the start of the Premier League, and in it, David Dein of Arsenal, said that they wanted to create the Premier League to ensure that the big clubs made more money than the others clubs.  Well, sorry Arsenal fans, but this is what that led too.

It also makes me laugh that a club known as the ‘Bank of England’ in the 30s because of their huge spending, moan about other clubs spending (given their recent net spend), and then accuse Chelsea of cheating – err, George Graham bungs anyone?  Their hyprocrisy is astounding.

More here


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12 minutes ago, Brigadeiro Mk II said:

We're all thrilled with that win, but what a depressing thought that we could barely beat Frank's Everton, even with TT at helm. Not looking at all for that fixture at the Bridge, it shall be very ugly 😅

They're done bouncing by then.


We hope.

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