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Chelsea v WBA (PL) SAT 3rd Apr 2021 12:30 GMT


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Will be 7-1 if this keeps going. Arguably worse individual performances seen for a very long time. We kept all the defenders on when needing goals, and the space west brom have is laughable. 

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Just now, enigma said:

Probably should have changed managers sooner, as much as we all didn't want to. I do put the blame on the board. Poor recruitment season after season. Win a title, poor recruitment, drop out of top four, rinse and repeat. When we win a league title, we should be strengthening like City have done, but no. 

Its hard to blame the board this season. We invested heavily but those signings haven't worked. Previous campaigns we just didn't really spend..

And now its 4 1 lol

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4 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

We seem determined to throw away top 4.

We have blown it for me. We can't get top 4 if we need to rely on beating the teams around us. 

Tottenham and West Ham win their games now and we are 6th.

It’s been a bad game but I wouldn’t write off top 4 just because it. We were far behind in January and managed to come back

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Just now, Malta Blue said:

f**k this sh*t, I might go and sand the rust of the head of my hammers, will probably be more entertaining than this

Hang on a minute, the hammers might have to wait

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1 minute ago, Sindre said:

If Jorginho did what Mount did there people would sh*t on him. So I suppose those should do the same to Mason.


You saying it's more about who you like? surely not!

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3 minutes ago, Sexyfootball said:

There are still 8 games to go ... but this was one we needed to win ...

We can barely score a goal or beat teams we should be beating. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if we finished behind Liverpool.

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1 minute ago, LongtimerLurker said:

Chin up lads, he only scores against us and we needed this reality check going into the quarters of ucl and with city in the fa cup.

We did it before under Frank but we weren't a man down as well. If we do lose TT hasn't lost a league match since Nov 2019 eventually runs like this have to come to an end.

I'm sure we will bounce back if not today then, Wednesday 

Difference was that we lost the first half 3-0 due to individual errors and we came back in the second half with great football, five more minutes and we would have beaten this lot coming from a 3-0 down. Today is embarrassing the attitude of the team, we are never coming back and the coach is lost when we play sh*t teams.

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