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Chelsea v Newcastle (PL) Mon 15th Feb 2021 20:00 GMT

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7 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

Oof, hopefully Newcastle are too sh*t to notice.

The only reason I can see Dave playing is that he is a slightly better defender than James, Christensen is clearly because of Silva's injury and as for Kepa I think our Tommy has lost his marbles and the club have hidden 'The 'Best of Kepa Howlers' DVD's from him..maybe someone should have directed him to YouTube. 

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2 minutes ago, Sexyfootball said:

Yes that was my take on it as well ... bad miss rather than good save ...



Well TT will find out the hard way against a side that has been scoring a fair few of late when you put in the worst Keeper in the league he will cost you goals and points. Hopefully he learns fast cause this one is a big mistake.

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Kepa, Kepa ?? Ffs - it’s insulting that he can hold kepa’s performance v Barnsley as any kind of justification to select him to play - what a crock of sh*t, absolutely beggars belief - the guys on sky can barely believe either .


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10 minutes ago, just said:

TT has just said Kepa is in because he had a good game against Barnsley! Well I don't know if he missed it but Zooms had an even better game and he is not given a spot. WTF!

Barnsley!!!! is that what he's basing his decision on, ffs..does he know which f**king league Barnsley are in.  Jesus someone needs to educate our bloody manager or we will be looking for a new one before the season ends.  

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Not gonna lie, I’m concerned that Kepa is back in goal, Mendy has been good for us and we’ve looked more solid with him in goal.

Not a position to rotate IMO.

Literally a match where we need to keep Newcastle away from our goal whilst being clinical at the other end.

I really hope this move has nothing to with any upstairs politics.

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I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest Tickle does not have 100% say in the starting line up. Was quietly confident and had us for 3-0 until I saw the team sheet. I’m not interested in any manager that does the chairmen’s bidding on the pitch. Bet you we see Havertz  start as soon as he’s fit as well. 

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Just now, coco said:

If he's resting Mendy for the next tough 6-7 fixtures i sort of understand. Otherwise what does Tuchel think he's doing ? Has he been fooled by a few good saves at Barnsley ?

Would'nt have thought he is fooled - more likely that he has been told by the powers that be that he needs to get more out of the clubs record signing, and the most expensive keeper in the world.

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I'm little worried with Christensen, Rudiger and Kepa in our defense. I really hope we will press high and sit on Newcastle because we can't afford giving them chances.

Abraham should prove himself for Tuchel, he gets his chance tonight. Werner showed some good form in the game against Sheffield. He needs to find the goal tonight as well!

Our game for the top 4, must win for us. No place for mistakes, no place for laziness. 


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