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Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

Torres: stay or go?  

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  1. 1. Torres: stay or go?

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i think we need consistency up front, so id stick with torres for the united game. he scored in his last 2 games, so let him keep his place and try and get on a run. no point changing it about for no reason, and eto'o hasn't really done too much to warrant giving him the spot over torres

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Torres had one chance today and finished it well. How many times do we see Van Pussy doing f**k all during a game and then one chance, back of the net. That's what a lot of good strikers do.

Do I think this is the Torres back to his Liverpool days, no probably not but while he works away giving his all for CFC he'll have my full support.

At the moment he is our best option leading the line.


Have to dsagree wth you a bt Goose,  think we could say he had at least 3 chances, putting the last away. Fist was early doors, coming in from the right. Defender stood him up and he looked clules smashing it against the defender and out for corner, the second again coming in from hte left first touch took him to far wide and then tried some stupid cross thing. 


The first chance in particular, a top striker makes the defender work a bit harder, torres used to make he deffender work a lot harder. 


I would also say the fact he had so few chances was down to his poor movement, I don't think it's a conincednece that Eto'o gets more chances then Nando.


Its all very well and good people saying we now know he's not top level but its what we have but it doesn't wash, we are pointing out we need better then this and that performance was sub standered 

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Nibs if Drogba had played like that you would have killed him for it. Torres took the goal well. It was not an easy finish. But other than that he was poor.


I only saw bits of the first hal but all of the second but I honestly thought he did ok. I saw him hold the ball up, lay it off and then ultimately kill the game off with the second goal. No point comparing him to Drogba as they have different strengths but as good as Drogba was, I won't miss us playing that long ball looking for the big man which we did far too often when Drogba was the option (and we still too much but it is changing).


He wasn't superb yesterday but still did enough to be first choice over Eto'o and Ba.

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Typical, starts knocking them in as soon as the transfer window opens.

He's always doing that, haven't you noticed? It's like he wants to make sure we think he's back so we keep hold of him, and then once the window slams shut he stops scoring again.


I'm not even thinking about this window, to be honest. We are crying desperately out for a world class finisher but we aren't going to sign one and I've accepted that now.

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Reminded me of that cross he put in for Kalou to score in the Q/F against Benfica the year we won it.

We didn't hear the end of that cross in here, like it was the work of a magician. He so clearly stubbed it!


No he didnt, it was quite clear he meant it

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Oui, mais ils vont certainement te répérer, car Modulicious est un génie!! Bonne chance!

To be honest, I really can't be arsed these days, this place is a war zone as it is and has lost its community feel it had. Still isn't bad to read on some topics.

I will say that I have no idea why RickCFC is/was banned, must of missed something which isn't hard now. I actually liked reading his posts and had a good avatar.

Whoever did must of had their reasons.

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