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WBA v Chelsea (PL) Sat 26th Sep 2020 17:30 GMT

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Just now, ddrblue said:

Nobody can blame Frank for these two goals as both goals was down to chelsea player error ,now we will see what the team is made of > and as i type its now 3-0 > what to do what to do 

If this were true then no manager in history would be sacked. 

We can't keep blaming player errors every time we lose games from the same sh*t defending. The coaching isn't working

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3 minutes ago, EdinburghBlue said:

Frank picks the wrong formations and teams quite often IMO. Alonso shouldn’t be playing because as he’s demonstrated countless times he can’t be trusted in a back four. James shouldn’t be playing either, for all the fanboying he gets he simply isn’t good enough defensively. 

Oh look he’s keeping the goalscorer onside.

Lampard's achilles heel is his defensive shape. He's getting it wrong too often. 

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Just now, Nibs said:

WTF is going on?

At 0-1 I was confident we would still batter them but now looks like heads have gone. This is shocking.

Because we have the mentallity of children, as soon as we go an extra goal down they give up. It's the same reason for why whenever we go 1-0 up we sit back and usually concede almost instantly. 

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1 minute ago, carrickblue said:

wtf is this? how can you be a Premier League footballer and not do the basics. Can't blame Frank, it's the players. 

It's his players though, he sets them up and picks them. Can you honestly say you have seen any sort of progression on our defending and positional play under Frank the past 15 months? 

It's been getting worse 

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