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WBA v Chelsea (PL) Sat 26th Sep 2020 17:30 GMT

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2 minutes ago, Brutos said:

So when we are signing the players it's Franks pull but when we losing it's nothing to do so him signing the players

Sorry, my sarcasm was lost. I actually have no doubt that Frank has to shoulder his share of the blame for both recruitment that has completely ignored an absolutely shocking collection of defensive players and for showing no ability to even make them a little bit organised.

What was the plan - to win 5-4 every game? That’s so often worked (sarcasm)

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Just now, EdinburghBlue said:

Neither will James based on his defensive displays since he joined the first team... it’s f**king piss poor. Not even championship level. 3 goals in 2 PL games he’s directly involved in conceding.

Christensen is 4 years older than James.

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2 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

Yep, I'm no fan of his, but he's the one defender that hasn't put a foot wrong today.

I'm just sick of our defensive problems. I have never seen it so bad in my time as a fan. We aren't even making the opposition work for their goals. If you look at the goals we have conceded in recent years, it could probably be argued that the majority of them came from our own mistakes.

It is a worry & at some point you do need to ask the question, why do we have so many individuals errors? I believe it’s got to be the set up. Frank is responsible for that and it’s not improved in 15 months or so.

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James is getting so much joy on the right side but has been unable to pick someone out once. He doesn’t seem to look up, just puts his foot through it.

Surely some variation is needed; he can cut back the cross, hit a low cross. Just seems to be aiming for the far post.

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A pile of f**king sh*t. That arrogance from everyone. We're a disorganized mess but thought we could just play casually in the Premier League? Each goal was the fault of different defenders, all of them have been sh*t. This is against the team that has had the worst start.

If the same team comes out for the second half then Lampard needs to get a clue.

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1 minute ago, Chelsbear said:


I get Frank is a legend and we need to stick with him but we can't just sit and pretend there isn't a very serious issue here that is damaging the club. 

If Frank and his team can't fix the comical defending then they either need to find some new coaching staff or we all know how this is going to end. 

Completely agree.

I'm not going to call for Frank's head, but surely fans alike have to see that the common factor here is some very questionable decisions and coaching. We can't defend at all.

The 6-0 midweek was an unbelievably lucky scoreline and was no reflection at all of the game. We were torn open so many times and should really have conceded 4-5 times.

I want to say things will improve, but how many times does this have to happen? With the amount of money spent, I wouldn't bet against Frank being the first to go this season if things don't get better soon.

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