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Thank You Roman.


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To Roman Abramovich - A thank you thread from the fans.

You are the greatest club owner in history.

You will be remembered for the golden years of Chelsea FC through our centenary as Champions, and on to the best team in the World in 2022.

Hope to one day soon see you back at the Bridge, what a day that will be.

Thanks for the memories.

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Was clear watching him up on the Bus celebrating the first Premiership trophy in 2005, that he was one of us, despite the money and background.

Im sure he enjoyed the time at Chelsea as much as we did having him as owner. He fitted the completing part of the puzzle that Matt Harding started to build and could of so easily gone the other way. He continued that legacy too.

There will be so many memories he created for the club. One that sticks out is when Jose went the first time and the fans were not happy, so he came and watched the game from the Shed.

Next chapter in Chelsea’s book is unknown but this one guy will be a massive part of our history.

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Ah Mr. Abramovich what to say, what to say. 


When you bought our club out of the blue this then young adult did not believe it. I love Ken Bates and his passion for the club, honestly thought he would never let us go. So when my best mate broke the news to me I thought he was full of it, as he usually is.


I wondered who is this bloke, he cannot love us like uncle Ken did surley. Boy how wrong was I.


Back then it was a great season to make the CL places, or have a half decent title run, or lift a league cup. I did not dare to dream of league titles or CLs. Man United and a host of European sides were just that much better than us.


You ripped all that up, and you gave us amazing teams, amazing moments and amazing memories.


You are one of us, always will be, and we love you.


Thank you Roman.



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My Favourite Russian


You have shown what it is for an owner to love a club unconditionally , from the amount of money you pumped into the club to the fact that you wont be asking for the 1.5 billion dollars debt the club owes and also the fact that you have secured the clubs future with the terms of the trade ( making the buyers commit 1.75 Billion dollars in investment for the benefit of the club)

Its been one hell of a ride which I honestly never saw ending .

You are a true blue and hopefully in the future you will be allowed to come say a proper good bye.


Thanks a lot BIG BOSS

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Absolutely echo the mentioned sentiments, he has gave us absolutely unbridled joy, First premier  win, and Drogba wrong footing ol big head, countless others, you Roman A are a class one hero, f**k what our lame arse w**kspangles of a government think….Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou….

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Idiots in 2003: "He'll get bored in a few years and then you will be ruined"

He never got bored, he just helped give us Chelsea fans some of the greatest memories a football fan could ever hope for, and then the club was forcely removed from him. He'll never be forgotten by the fans and the ones that forced this situation will never be forgiven.

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Without him it would be different, it's too hard to say goodbye to the best owner of football and yes, I'm saying it proudly, he's the best owner of a football club in current football world.

It's still unbelievable that all this situation around the world f**ked his life so hard. He made us the club we're now and his name will always be remembered here, he's part of our history.

Thank you for everything, I just hope to see him in our games from time to time when all the situation with f**king Putin will be over.

You will always be in our hearts💙

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What a ride that has been.  I was lucky enough to be at the Bridge with my dad for your very first home game vs. Leicester - game holds a special place as last game before moving to USA (still go with my dad when back over, pre-covid atleast).  I told myself after the 2012 Champions League final we'd won the lot and I was a content fan.  You went and did it again, and added the Club World Cup.

May the foundation you established at the club be here for years to come.  Thank you also for the level of community, youth and women's investment at the club - changed each of those areas as much as any part of the club.

Thank you - we'll look back on this chapter of Chelsea with fond footballing memories.

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All the He'll be gone soon bla bla bla never came to pass, I was sure he'd hand it over to his son...

The fact that despite losing over 4 billion he still has done the best for the club, amazing. He could have called the governments bluff and just waited for his money when this is all over (like all the other oligarchs and their frozen assets) but he chose to put the club first.

A proper Chelsea man, and I will be forever grateful.. Thanks Roman.

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The club was already on an upward trajectory, thanks to Matthew Harding and Bates, Abramovich pushed us over the edge and into 20 years of glory, Kudos to the main man, without him and his billions who know's where we would be now.. we will never know. His best signing for me was Mourinho v1... people sat up and took notice of us then... Should have won the Champions league in 2008 as well if not for JT's slip....!! close margins... onto the new owners, the club should make a statue or when SB is redeveloped name a stand after him.... that would be a fitting tribute to the man who was at the helm during the greatest and most successful period in the clubs history.

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Raised in Brooklyn my whole life. Rooting for NY sports teams (Mets, Knicks and Jets) in my entire life. It was miserable until my cousins introduced me to the footy world. I was hyped when the Wilpons sold the Mets to a mega billionaire Mets fan 

I'll definitely be happy whenever Woody Johnson sells the Jets or James Dolan sells the Knicks

It's different with Roman and the club. I am curious, excited and nervous about the new chapter here. However, it saddens me more that Roman will not be the owner anymore. That says a lot about him. One of the best owners I've ever seen. Remarkable. One of a kind

Thank you for the amazing times and incredible memories Roman. I will always cherish them forever. I will always tell about you to the next generations in the future



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